Ice Age games

Ice Age games

cartoons are creating products for gamers, seasoning jobs and conditions. Especially fun to play when the story has kept the original style and humor. Looking animated film « Ice Age », you will not miss the game Ice Age online. Free versions of computer fun surprisingly attractive, because you have to play with all the characters that appear in the original. You do not just smile, encountering a rabid squirrel that thrilled by nuts, which inexorably from her hiding in crevices and glaciers. Your goal – make picking berries in any way.

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The history of the game Ice Age

Ice Age games Ice Age games Games Ice Age 3, still known as the « Dawn of the Dinosaurs », created by the eponymous full-length animated film, which appeared on the screens in mid-March 2002 in the United States. The game is also pleased with us in 2009. July 30, but warm up the audience, fueling interest in its demo version, take another two weeks before the official appearance. When gamers were able to get it at their disposal, they were at the peak of impatience and it is not surprising that the game version of the Ice Age instantly became popular. And for the sake of justice it should be noted that the public was not disappointed, as the artists and writers did their best, to preserve the unique look of the characters and their facial expressions and sparkling humor.

The basic plot remained the same, which is rare, and the quality of graphics and moving to locations from the first moments proves that we have a really high quality product. Each character and his actions are thought out to the smallest detail. Sid the sloth demonstrates the enormous flexibility, resourcefulness and the whole gamut of emotions on the fun muzzle. Its task:

  • to collect all the fruit that comes across in the way;  
  • to show resourcefulness, initiative, and sometimes even insolence.  

Fruit hiding anywhere, and he did not scruple to ruin nests of strange creatures resembling a mixture of a hedgehog with a mole. It should be good to revive them as useful vitamins will fall, promising completion bonus account. The main prey includes cherries – them the most. When it freezes into ice, you have to figure out a way to get them and will be an excellent method of burning torch, which you will find near the ice cave. What to do next is probably no need to explain. In addition to cherries, Ice Age 3 games in store and other fruit and berry currency: Apples with pear. If cherries – the cheapest, the other fruits are much more expensive and is scratching them in any way, even if it is practically impossible to get them to make it to the store you go to the turtle Tony, who pulls for each product at exorbitant prices. But things and his excellent and quite helpful. It provides crystals of objects and various modifications of the cell that improve the health of the scale.

Immerse yourself in the world of adventure

Ice Age games Having started playing Ice Age 3, you can visit many places and see the magnificent, though snow-covered landscape of valleys, jungles and caves. Provided and replacing characters on whose behalf you have to play. After Sid, you will see the tiger Diego, who unsuccessfully tries to catch up with the fawn. But this figure only flashes, like the mammoth Manfred, conceding all funny Skredu which, in turn, passes the baton to Baku. I do not deny that the animal in the creative and perseverance. To get the next piece of fruit, he

  • detour dinosaur and make him beat my head against the wall;  
  • otdubasil feet blue mushroom in order to extract from him the secret supplies of cherries;
  • will produce a bazooka flower and begin to shoot out of it by the other inhabitants of the savannah glacier.

And finally to finish off the enemy, threw poisonous russula and lumps of snow unconscious, perched on a pterodactyl.

All the Ice Age games online allocated a special charisma and you will also be able to lay down one puzzle to see pictures of amusing cartoon characters to paint and find differences in images chase acorn and look for the same cards. Also presented the Ice Age 2 game called « Global Warming », where Scrat, falling off a cliff, he found himself in the water park with prehistoric animals and began the difficult road of adventure stories.

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