My Little Pony games

My Little Pony games

It is worth to see the kids free online games Friendship is a miracle, they can not resist not immediately begin to play them. This is the story of fun, colorful, friendly girl ponies that were in our world. They want to learn everything that you know, and so happy when you make them a company to try another cute outfit, flying in the clouds, passed part in the races. There will be jobs for the collection of puzzles and games in the tag, games and search for differences or a couple. Any task raises a smile and excellent mood, a desire to make friends with heroin and perform all the tasks assigned to them.

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History My Little Pony games

My Little Pony games Druzhba is a miracle! With this you can not argue, moreover, that the so-called children's animated series and games Friendship is a miracle that are created on its grounds. Of them, you will learn about the mysterious, cheerful and bright fantastic country Equestria, which is inhabited by magical ponies and other creatures. In Equestria live not only ponies and unicorns, alicorn, Pegasus, have different talents based on magic. The most famous characters are:

  • Sumerechnaya Sparkle Unicorn;
  • Raduga Dash fun pegasus,
  • Rariti very sweet pony;
  • Flattershay kindest pony pegasus,
  • Pinki Pai very frisky pony;
  • Eppldzhek most hardworking ponies.

Eta friendly company never bored, because there are so many exciting things. They rescue each other, having fun with all the heart, doing magic. Once in our world, they are transformed into girls who all interesting and new. Help them choose the fashionable clothes and accessories, learn to dance, and they invite you to imagine a rainbow, where you can fly in the clouds, collecting stars. Find the picture all the stars or hearts, are camouflaged, and move on to the next task. However, to go through the tangled maze and find a way to help the pony. On another occasion, enjoy a rescue operation to save ponies from falling from a height, so they are not broken. This wicked witch has done evils, raising air wingless horses and throwing them down. Catch all and gently lowered to the ground so you do not accidentally injure characters.

Iskorka trained at Princess Celestia's magical country, and with a friendly company travels Equestria, helping its inhabitants and controlling the weather. Each character has its own unique qualities and creates magic. Pegasi have sweeping wings, and they help them to fly high and fast to reach a certain place and fix problems with the weather, rain replacing the hot sun. Skillfully managed with this and the unicorn, because his horn lies a great power that he uses very skillfully.

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My Little Pony games

My Little Pony games

Selestina Princess, is responsible for the bright glow of the moon and the sun and the earth ponies are more industrious creatures. They are idle and are never come to the aid of the inhabitants of the country. During the game, pony friendship is a miracle, you will have a lot of trouble to create an image of magical little ponies. They are all very bright and wonderful, but everyone wants just a little change your appearance in order to introduce an element of novelty. Use them to paint all the colors of the rainbow, braid pigtails, try on glasses, bows and barrettes, and other elements that adorn these horses. Together with them, you can organize a lot of events and even attend the wedding. This bright spot should be prepared carefully, especially pay attention
ceremonial cake to foreign visitors were shocked by your culinary skills. Initially, find all hearts, which will be useful for its decoration, and then look for the figures. They are so artfully combined with the general background that without a magnifying glass you just can not do. When finished with this task, prepare for the next. The works have a great deal!

During the next miracle of friendship is the game you are responsible task to rescue friends. Pony Twilight just walking in the garden and admiring its beauty, but then began to fall from the sky ponies and is about to be broken, if they do not help. A kind of evil force had bewitched them, and they lost the ability to fly. It is urgent to do something, because the land is so fast approaching! Press the computer mouse characters, and they will hang just in the air. Sometimes pony friendship is a miracle game immerses players in a really dangerous place, where you have to connect all the ingenuity and logic, patience and courage arm. To save Spike out of the labyrinth, will have to come down in its corridors. How poor ponies got there? Perhaps he wanted to play and go away is not going to, but accidentally got lost and could not find a way out. This is understandable, because here such darkness! You light up in front of only a portion of the road, and it is important to find a short and correct way. Pick up all the found items, as they will still come in handy. Just do not stop and do not delay, because so very long to lose.

We hope that your rescue mission succeeds, and each pony released. Ahead of you other missions with new adventures.

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