Snap games

Snap games

The Fool Card Game has three directions: normal, translated and springboard. We offer online games to play Snap, free to learn the simple rules. There is no wisdom – when the two fight, and the one who throws ending cards to have played, connect to the other participants in the battle. Virtual versions are designed for a single player and two, but if no one with whom to share the party, your partner will be artificial intelligence. He definitely will not disappoint and will take out from the sleeve extra card to play a game so the result will be clean.

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Tired of shooting? It's time to play the game Snap

Snap games online Perhaps no man who can not play at least one card game. Childhood in order exists to sometimes surreptitiously pluck "forbidden fruit." Teachers, educators and parents may not be thrilled to see you at the card battles with friends, but is not it interesting to operate the ladies, jacks, kings and aces, dressed in magnificent coats, hats foppish, armed knights with swords. Burning handsome dark-haired, fair-haired maiden romantic and dusky seductress like a wink to the pictures, promising to win. Maps even smell like something unusual, especially attractive. Having been in many hands are soaked with excitement, hopes and disappointments.

Although the cards have always been in a precarious position – forbade them many times, so again legalized, they remained there, hiding in the deep pockets of underground or open a casino playing games at home. Countless variations of card games, but Fool you know very well, as well as its variants: Classic, transfer, teeter.


to play without fear

Snap games online Today, the card fell on good times. They have ceased to be the personification of vice, becoming a fascinating fun of all generations. Snap can play, running it on your computer, tablet or smartphone, whiling away the time on the trip, or waiting for a meeting. Suppose you do not feel the touch of the glossy surface of the card and will not be able to shuffle their famously, but they do not fly away in the wind and do not get lost.

Each party changes the location of the 36 cards and chaotic, but it is better than a man could do. Participants were then dealt six cards "shirts" up to other people's eyes have not seen their set. The first steps are made blindly, even without assumptions which pictures to enemy hands. Just making a move, they will be opened, and you should remember which cards have already dropped out of the game, and what can still strike.

All of the rules – it is very simple

If you have never played in the Snap and you are invited to a party card, work out in the online version, and will soon become a professional card hand is.

  • Each hand out six cards, and the remaining deck is placed in the middle with one open card – its color, it is a trump card.
  • The first course is given for those who have the least advantages trump, and the transfer of moves is clockwise.
  • Snap games online There are a player to the left of any card, which he must fight off more appreciated, but in the suit, or trump.
  • the Descending batter can throw cards, similar to the already existing on the table. When he has nothing more to throw, it can do the other participants, but not more than six cards.
  • Toss or making progress possible and with the trump card, but it can only discourage other senior asset value. If the bits of card, they are removed from the site – go into rebound, and further do not participate in the process.
  • The purpose – fold. Those who stayed at least one, and there is a fool.  
  • Players agree in advance how to go in the second round – Fool or under him.
  • re-shuffle the cards lost, and gives the same principle.
  • can participate two or a maximum of six people.
  • It is possible to play in pairs or for itself.

In order to give flavor to the game, the online version offers a variety of partners, among them there are heroes of cartoons and even politicians. But there are classic versions, where the cards fall on the green felt of the table, and you fight with a computer for the title "Egghead", trying to keep the enemy out in the cold with a fan of cards in his hand.

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