Game Fool online online

Game Fool online

Fool online

One of the most popular card games around the world is Fool. Today we want to invite you to fight in its modern version of Fool online. You can play this game both against the computer and against another person. A playing field will appear on the screen, conditionally divided into two parts. On one side will be located your cards in the amount of six pieces, and on the other half of your opponent. On the side there will be a deck with one open card. This is a trump card that can beat any suit. Your opponent, for example, will make a move. You will have to beat his cards with the exact same suit on the higher one at dignity. If you do not have such cards, fight with your trump card. If you do not have it, then you will have to pick up all the cards. Having repulsed the opponent's attack, you will begin to make your moves. The winner of the game is the one who folds all his cards the fastest.
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