Fishdom games

Fishdom games

It's great to have a home aquarium, but it is expensive can afford not everyone. But online games Fishdom presented free of charge and play, if desired, is available to all. To create a cozy fishes in the virtual shop, purchase nice accessories, and places them inside a glass house. But much more important in time to update their feeders, filters and plants that fish eat to refuel with vitamins. When will the fry, they can be sold, and earnings to buy useful novelty.

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The attractive beauty of the aquarium little world

Fishdom games When the house there is an aquarium, he is much more comfortable, and the surrounding atmosphere is just serene, positive, relaxed. Surging passion give way to a safe haven, a place where there is no strife.

Such an influence on people small fish that swim silently behind the glass, rocking rhythmically to the beat of fins swaying seaweed. With this you can figure out how they will look like underwater world and decorate it in several attractive features. Put on the bottom of the model of the sunken ship, and the fish will be where to hide to sleep, and you can enjoy stylization shipwreck. Diver enliven the scenery and saturate the water with oxygen, necessary for the life and health of the fish.

Algae are not just for decoration, but also fortified food, and to merge the stems did not spoil the view, put them among the few sprigs of artificial plants and you will always be beautiful and green aquarium.

Positive game Fishdom

Starting in Fishdom 2 play online, you will not only learn about all this, but also plunge into the world of fish, where there is peace and quiet. And if you have a bad mood and everything goes wrong, it will return a positive attitude and gather my thoughts.

The economic position of the plot

Fishdom games At your disposal are three aquarium, but they look sad. Performing during the game different tasks, you start making money, which is empty for the resettlement houses for fish.

  • Do not forget to buy feeders and water filters, so that it was always clean and uncomplicated.  
  • To the fishes was not bored, I get a couple of them.  
  • In the course of the passage, you will become manageable and new products of underwater inhabitants. Soon you will snails, seahorses, turtles. They greatly diversify an atmosphere and make your aquarium unique.  
  • You can also sell obsolete items to install in their place a new, more modern.  
  • Navigate to the required purchases will help you tips so that you always know what is now your dream fish.  

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your virtual pet store

In developing the theme of commerce, obzavedites own shop selling aquarium fish, and all that is needed for arrangement of the aquarium.

  • In some waters you will be able to plant, grow and sell fish.  
  • Some emerge from the eggs, while others are born fry immediately. To them not to eat the adults hurry to transplant them in a separate container and feed the appropriate feed.
  • When they grow up, put them back in the general aquarium and wait, when there will be the buyer.  
  • For each fish already set a price which is dependent on its size and appearance.

Fishdom games On another occasion, you need to find a variety of fish among a flock of two identical. This game is to find the same elements, but in this case they act as aquarium fish. There are so many and they are so colorful that the eye does not immediately capture the similarity, but after looking closely, you will see a repetition of stripes and speckles.

to survive among predators – the main law of nature

If we think that the fish is always calm and never conflict with each other, it is a false impression. They have their own hierarchy, and they live by the law of nature – the strongest is always right. Strong and big eat the small and the weak, the predators and there are those who are quite capable to soak the plants.

Once inside the fish family, try to go all the way from growing the fry to adult, to have not eaten. Initially have to hide from larger relatives and hunt for a trifle. And when they themselves turn into the largest fish pond, that's when you can swim, openly.

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