Backgammon long games

Backgammon long games

If you have time to play a little bit, you can choose a backgammon game and online backgammon long allow longer enjoy the process of moving the checkers in a circle in order to quickly get to the enemy « house ». Classic version and entertainment are offered free of charge, so do not hesitate to try each. Throwing the dice, they get ready to pass the specified number of steps, but if the chip is in front of the enemy, to make it fail. It is useful, and even the right to block certain elements of the enemy to arrest him and to get ahead.

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Games Backgammon long by all the rules of the genre

Backgammon long games Some board games have a long history and still arouse excitement, attracting and enticing some magical powers. Backgammon born in the East, but now knows no bounds, becoming a favorite pastime of many nations and generations. And since we are in a magical virtual world, you do not need a classically lined with boards, chips and dice, because here all the tools provided and will not be lost, accidentally fell apart. You need a computer and Internet access to get online backgammon long play.

Competing with intelligence computer, try to win his party, and the first one to send all of the chips over the side, will be the winner.

On the rules of backgammon large

The advantage of the virtual backgammon, and that no one can cheat by making the extra stroke or moving to a value lower than shown cubes.

The first move goes to the player who threw the dice more points on their sides. With the same set should make another throw, while pioneering undefined. Further, the order takes effect when the players take turns stepping on the board by throwing dice.

Backgammon long games The game has its specific terms:

  • ante – first rate;
  • Zara – dice thrower;
  • Head – a place where players begin the procession chips on the field;
  • House – the final point on the board, opposite the "head";
  • Yard – territory outside the "home".

Taking a step on the field, you can move only one chip, but the first move allows the two to move immediately, if it prevents chip enemy that stands on its "head," and only when the blocks were given two identical figures: tri three, five and five other doubles.

Move the chips should be counterclockwise, gradually moving them to the "house". For black corresponds to the route: From the upper right quarter of the top left; then in the lower left; completing the circle in the lower right quadrant. White from the lower left quarter of the move to the lower right; then in the upper right; top left.

Several features and nuances

Backgammon long games As we invite you to a game of backgammon long, so there are short, which is logical. They differ in the absence of long fights and kills counter chips. Continuing the tour of the rules, it is necessary to grasp the following points:

  • Each cube determines the course for one chip. One is moved by the number of steps in accordance with the number of one cube, and the second – on the basis of another.
  • Indications cube into several strokes for different chips can not share. For example, if dropped on the dice six, is unacceptable to move one chip for two turns and the other four.
  • When the dice fell to duplicate (the same values: Three-three, two-two, and so on. ) Will have four moves instead of two.
  • managed to put in front of their opponent's pieces six figures, you surely its ban, a situation which in the long backgammon is considered to be very successful.
  • All the opponent's checkers can not be blocked. There must be at least one serving.
  • It is impossible to put a chip in the hole occupied by an enemy piece.
  • In the absence of opportunities to make steps to the winning player loses the value of the course.  
  • If you have to unfavorable movement in accordance with the number to get it, it still needs to be done.
  • When it is possible to take steps in accordance with only one cube, it is necessary to select a larger number, and the testimony of the second burn.

These are the basic principles of gameplay. Let not afraid of the number of points, because they are easy to remember. Whether you are a beginner or master backgammon you enjoy spending time their online version, where everything is subordinated to the logic and elementary math.

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