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Game Backgammon Classic

Backgammon Classic

Here is a new exciting game Backgammon Classic. In it, developers will immerse you into the world of board games came from the East, namely backgammon. According to legend, the first time this type of game came to us from Iran, Egypt and Persia. It played a captains, and rulers of these countries, because it develops logical thinking and strategy. So, we have the classic look of the game with the standard rules. Before contact, the screen box broken twenty four, twelve on each side. They are painted in two colors for the convenience of players. Each of the players will be the chips of his color, and your task is to drive them around and build in a certain corner of the board, it is called to drive them into the house. Wins you have understood the one who most quickly cope with this task. The moves are made with the help of cubes. You throw them and make a move. Moving can be a one or two pieces according to the numbers on the dice dropped out. Just one of the rules is that you can"beat"the single chips, that is, if your opponent is at a certain place, it is one, and according to the fallen in the cube figure you'll be able to drive to his, the enemy counter departs from the board, and he You have to enter it in the game again. Remember that you can also knock out, so try to insure themselves and put the chips on two pieces. Sit down at the table and start the game and let the one who is able to win the right to plan their actions. Playing Backgammon Classic belongs to the category of puzzles and games written using HTML5 technology. Developers were able to make it a bright atmosphere and do not forget using beautifully -drawn graphics and excellent musical accompaniment. We think all the players will be pleased to come together in the intellectual battle in Backgammon Classic. The game has an opportunity to not only play against the computer, but also against the other player. So invite to play a game Backgammon Classic your friends. Arrange the competition among themselves for the best strategist and intellectual. Enjoy the game and pastime.
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