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Game Sushi Backgammon

Sushi Backgammon

Before us is a fun and funny game Sushi Backgammon. In it we are pretty funny match of backgammon with his opponent. The highlight of the fact that we play an unusual chips, such as famous Japanese dishes like sushi. Rules of the game resemble the classic Backgammon. Before us is the playing field that resembles a standard board game. We're with the enemy will take turns to throw the dice and according to figures fallen on them to make moves on the board. If you fall out the same numbers such as three and three (this is called a double) we get four moves instead of two. The challenge to banish all their land across the board and put his plate that would then eat them. The problem is that single sushi can not be beat, so think carefully about the strategy of the game and plan your moves so that would block the moves of his opponent and at the same time to create a foothold for your successful game. The idea is quite original writers, and we are confident will bring you a lot of fun when you play this game. Sushi Backgammon developed using HTML5 technology that will allow you to play it on any operating system and on any device. So quickly download it, or play on our site. Have a good game!
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