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Talking Tom Games

Have you always wondered what your cat is thinking? Then do not miss the opportunity to chat with a representative of this kind of animal when you play Talking Tom games online for free. True, it will broadcast in your words if you turn on the microphone on the computer. However, he will repeat everything you say in his own, catlike manner. He has a familiar dog that causes him inconvenience and even provokes him into a fight - a dog is a dog. Tom jumps in fright at the pop of a paper bag behind him or passes out after being hit on the head with a pillow.

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Life is not the same without a cat!

Talking Tom Talking Tom The Talking Tom games are based on the transformation of the gamer's voice: you say something into the microphone, and the cat says the same phrase in a funny altered voice, as if he inhaled helium, and even tries to match the words with his facial expressions. When you start a speech, the cat listens attentively, and even puts its paw to its ear so as not to miss a single word. As soon as you stop talking, he immediately repeats your remark.

Several games have already been released with this hero: in them, the cat gets into different situations, and you decide what phrases he will utter there. For example, Tom went to a cute kitty. She went out onto the balcony, and he stands below and does not take his eyes off her. It depends on you what comes out of his mouth - whether it will be the speech of an ardent lover or the cat will tell the beauty a funny anecdote.

The Talking Tom games allow you to play using different tools. There are several icons here, from clicking on which various events occur. If you click on the gift icon, Tom will give the kitty a present. And it will be different things:

  • then he gives her a precious ring, from which the cat jumps in admiration,
  • then he gives her an elegantly packaged watermelon, which makes the beauty furious.

Look: what happens if you click on the potted flower icon? You can also play a joke on cats in love by making a tornado or lightning. How will the cats react to an unexpectedly rising hurricane?

Talking Tom Find yourself a new friend by playing Talking Tom games online

You need to activate the microphone to install The Talking Tom game on the computer. Before the start of the game, the program usually asks if you want to allow access to this device, and you need to accept, otherwise, the cat will just not hear you and, accordingly, will not say anything.

Talking Tom games allow you to become even a TV show participant for free. Here, Tom and the dog act as show hosts, but instead of working together, they have an aggressive rivalry - by pressing various buttons, you will see how they throw different objects at each other and sometimes even fight. The heroes of the game will perform actions even if you click directly on their figures. In this version of the Talking Tom games, you can see your face in the game space - the monitor on the table in the studio shows what your computer camera is shooting. You can play Talking Tom games online by moving to his virtual house. He is again waiting for what exactly you will say to him, to repeat your phrase after you. And the dog bothers him in every possible way. He can sneak up from behind so that the cat jumps on the lamp in fright, or hit Tom with a pillow. To activate this hooligan, press the buttons and see what happens. The best Talking Tom games online are available in this section of our site.

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