PSY gangnam style games online

PSY gangnam style games online

Surely the singer and dancer who became the hero of many stories online game Gangnam Style, did not expect such popularity when played dumb song about elite and portrayed dancing horse. But it was such absurdities often attain success, and now we offer to play for free in the toys, on the basis of his antics. At the Gangnam fulfill dance made famous by clicking the arrows in time when to make the next move. Also, it can be expanded with patience, paint a picture, and teach toddler uncomplicated dance movements, while her mother was distracted.

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Opa Gangnam Style!

PSY gangnam style games PSY gangnam style games The popularity and fame can fall on the head quite suddenly and unpredictably. It happened with the South Korean author and performer of the most popular recent singles « Gangnam Style » - PSY. During the year of the track and the clip broke all records existing global charts and internet video resource - YouTube. That is where this video was the most viewed. 2012 for this project was particularly successful - « Gangnam Style » He won in the category « best video » Europe Music Awards 2012 on MTV, was recorded in the « Guinness Book », as the most popular and the viewed video on YouTube – more than half a billion views around the world. To date, PSY has already earned for this on this hit more than eight million dollars. Generally, « Gangnam Style » (this is a colloquial expression of « Gangnam Style ») – It is in Korean means luxury and luxury lifestyle in an affluent and fashionable area of ​​Seoul.

The song is dedicated to the ideal and beautiful girl who knows exactly when to be wild, and when refined. This popular topic simply could not appear in the game industry, and now everyone has the opportunity to discover the game gangnam style, which on our site are absolutely free and even without registration. Any oppa gangnam style game – it is an opportunity to get acquainted with the popular hero and his way of life closer.

PSY gangnam style games Unusual game gangnam style

The game psy gangnam style play is very interesting and exciting, because these entertainments are presented in a variety of game genres. For example, « oppa Gangnam Style Animated Coloring » – it is an opportunity to make known hero even brighter and more expressive. The same can be said about the dress up, where the main role of the very PSY. Play « Psy Gangnam Style Dress Up » – that's exactly what to do. There is no limit to the imagination, and you can dress up an idol in the most different clothes. A separate area for entertainment called Gangnam Style game – this dance, because PSY famous for its crown movements. This game « Gangnam Dance », « Gangnam Style Dance training » and many others. You along with your character will show the best dance – the one that made the whole world to have fun. There is a special scale, which will be talking about how well you get to dance. Management is using the arrow keys and space bar. Home – do not make mistakes and have time. There are many other games of this theme, and games oppa Gangnam Style Play – It means to engage in exciting and stylish rpg. This game « PSY Gangnam Style vs. Zombies », « Running Man Psy Gangnam Style », « epic style Gangnam ». Choose the game you like the most and enjoy.

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