Asterix and Obelix games

Asterix and Obelix games

Feature series about the adventures of the brave Gauls conquered sparkling humor, originality and unusual storyline. Now gamers can play with them for free online games Asterix and Obelix to learn about new adventures and fight with the hated Romans. Forces of the characters are not yet enough for one battle in our category quite exciting events that require your participation. Go to the Olympic Games and with the help of a magic potion to restore power to break records, go through quests, fold the puzzle and paint pictures.

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The history of the galls

Asterix and Obelix games Asterix and Obelix games No longer will be found a man who looked not at least one cartoon or feature film about Asterix and Obelix – great galls, whose love of life and a huge, magical power makes the viewer obhohatyvatsya. But only the true fans of this couple knows that the story of their adventures began in 1959 in the journal « Pilot », as early as 1961 He was released the first collection of comics - « from Gaul Asterix ». In addition, the creators of comic deliberately come up with one of the main characters name starting on « A », ensuring it is always the first line in the list of names of other publications catalog.

In the stories of these heroes, and all the inhabitants of Gaul, the basic idea is the constant opposition to the Romans and the Gauls. The latter is the secret that allows them to provide a fitting rebuff to the eternal city of arrogant residents, who are now trying to win the wild, in their opinion, people. And the secret is in the recipe magic drink, is prepared druid Getafix – the oldest and the wisest resident of the country. If not this drug, our friends would not stand against a large army of Caesar. But the highlight is that a child Obelix fell into a vat of brew and now permanently endowed with mighty force against which no one can resist. He gives no potions, although he always looks forward to the exception. Another well enough Gauls one drink to their muscles were filled with power and became a magnificent weapon.

Trash hated Romans playing games Asterix and Obelix

Asterix and Obelix games Games Asterix and Obelix are based on the ideas of film and comics and again because you will have to fight with stubborn Romans, throwing them into the distance, as if they were rag dolls. Obelix in a whale and it just does not miss opportunities to have fun. Yes, yes, yes, for it is a game, and the conquerors – puppets with which he amuses himself. And to get more pleasure and financial benefits, the course of events, he collects coins, well, you, as his supervisor, taking an active part in all its activities. On the way there will always be trouble and – without in any way. Sharp pins can kill, and the wild beasts of damage. Jumping through the levels, try not to miss any useful bonus and not to run into trouble, and in the final race do not forget to remove the stones from the pot with a magic elixir. The only way you jump to the next level of the game.

Every Asterix and Obelix online game is full of familiar images, and you will meet even the dog idée fixe. And fans of the race to become involved in an unusual race where two friends became enemies. They saddled their chariots and courageously deadly storm track. This is not just a hill and valleys, but the real roller coaster! It seems that the road is cracked in the middle top of the hill, and formed an acute angle, which can not pass. Do not be surprised that at the first stage you will have to replay a few times now, but it's worth it, because the Asterix and Obelix Olympics – very spectacular competition. Management is familiar to you – Use arrow keys to accelerate and space can change the direction of movement back and forth. The Gauls are very friendly and nice people, but when they begin to have fun, better step aside, and in their way not to get caught. Their favorite activity – throwing for distance everything that comes handy – rocks, trees, poles, people.

Asterix and Obelix games online colorfully demonstrate the full flavor like fun, and you can take part in their festivities. Well, still, of course, you are waiting for colorful puzzles and black-and-white pictures for coloring.

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