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Archer Games

Do you want to feel like a shooter of the tsarist army or a brave Robin Hood? Then launch Archer games online, and you will be able to play any game presented for free. Choose a bow or crossbow and hit the target. It can be an enemy who is trying to capture the castle, an ordinary round target, or an animal that you are hunting. To make the game more fun, there is always some obstacle that prevents you from making a successful shot. It's like in life - it's never easy. You are hindered by wind and fog, rain and snow, or a physical barrier.

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Accuracy is the key to success

Archer Games In the modern world, archery is used mainly among lovers of old weapons, among warriors in wild tribes, during sports, and, of course, in PC games where you can train accuracy in shooting at various targets or shoot arrows at the enemy. Sometimes these games are made in the shooter genre. Turning into an archer, here you aim at the enemy figures that appear and must destroy them with your sharp arrows in a limited time. Among such games, it is now rare to find a static world in which you cannot turn left and right. Most often, you will be offered a multi-level task with moving to different locations, in each of which you will meet opponents blocking your path. They are also armed, and if you don’t kill the enemies, they will gladly reduce your hero's health to zero with their well-aimed shots and take his life.

Basically, the archer must play such games, performing some kind of noble mission:

  • free the medieval castle from the invaders
  • get into the territory of enemies to destroy their leader
  • rescue innocent people from captivity

Pass many interesting quests by playing Archer games

Archer Games Archer Games Bows are also used in defensive operations. For example, an army of goblins is coming close to the castle, but the valiant archers standing on the defensive wall are ready to bombard the enemies with a hail of arrows and thus completely defeat their army. Most often, these are strategy games in which you need to gradually improve the characteristics of your warriors so that they can adequately meet a new wave of attack. For such upgrades, you have to use the experience points and bonuses you got during the battle. Sometimes a virtual archer arranges games with his friends. For example, placing an apple on the head of a friend and trying to pierce him with an arrow. This is life-threatening in the real world, but even celebrities like Mario, who shoots an apple on Princess Peach's head, have fun in computer games.

In many games, archery competitions take place, where you need to hit a round target with an arrow. The goals of such games are different: to score points awarded for hitting the central part of the target, or to shoot all the targets on the level, for which it’s enough just to hit the target with an arrow and knock it down. In some games, the plot itself encourages you to shoot an arrow as soon as possible - for example, an archer rescues a hanged guy and must very quickly break the rope until the life leaves the victim's body. Therefore, archers often have to complete the task of such a game in a limited time. During the 2 player game, the archers perform a team task, fighting the enemy army or playing the role of dueling opponents. The most interesting games with archers are collected for you in this section of our website!

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