American girl games

American girl games

As teenagers living in America will tell free online game American Girl. Became one of the young ladies, you will spend an interesting day in which so many fun events. When you play, visit the beauty salon to fix her hair, manicure upgrade, buy some fashionable veshchichek. The heroine will introduce you to her friends, who share their interests. You will be a bachelorette party, a romantic encounter with a handsome guy, culinary feats, design searches, room cleaning and many more exciting.

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Entertainment teenage girls

American girl games Options games for girls invented so much that they can be played endlessly, exploring in turn different directions. Games American girl collected under a separate heading, and together with the main character you go to:

  • fascinating nature walks,  
  • prefer business,  
  • will participate in the competition,  
  • will select the dress and hairstyle.

And a lot of interesting things waiting for you in a variety of toys. You can even manage your own boat and headed for the house in full sail, pick kegs that in a variety of swimming in the water. Managing only a computer mouse, indicate the ship's heading, and it will obediently follow your instructions. But do not clash with berth, because after a shake-up, you will lose one barrel, which is a minus points. By collecting all the artifacts during the voyage, you will put your own record, and pick it up maybe next swim if you want more time to play this game.

Other games American Girl

American girl games
Games American girls invite you to spend time on a fishing trip with Caroline. Sitting in a boat off the coast you can catch a lot of different fishes and bring home the big catch. Focusing on the scale shows the power of the throw, threw the bait into the lake and watch the process when moving fish sees the bait and sent to the hook. When she is caught, see how many points you get and submit the prey into the basket by clicking on the first fish, and then a basket. There is a body of water, especially valuable items, they are highlighted in different colors stars – That would catch at least a couple of these!

American girl games Next, go to a cozy café and see how our heroine become the girl of the year, quickly driving with customer service. To counter suit customers and each has its own wishes. To find out what they want, click on the question mark, and they will mark their orders in the cloud. Then go to the table with products, and click on the icons. When the scale is preparing to rise up, the product is ready and can be picked up on the tray. To do the job faster, better to take multiple orders and gather them around different tables to instantly take them hungry visitors.

The American Girl Doll Games offer to dress up in gorgeous outfits Caroline and choose from the menu for her hairstyle, corresponding costume. Try to keep the details of your chosen wardrobe matched and accounted for a harmonious ensemble.

In addition, American games for girls offer to go to the extraordinarily interesting adventures on different modes of transport and even a ride in a balloon. Games « three in a row » entertain their subjects, where you will collect valuables or grow a flourishing garden. Yet you will be able to collect Russian dolls and play with pets, exercise, and perform additional tasks, which diversify the gameplay and bonuses in addition to bring a lot of pleasant emotions. Interesting toys are always carried out in colorful flowers and accompanied by pleasant music for children. Computer games have become more like a useful lessons where kids learn faster reaction care to distinguish the name, size and color to find the right solutions, and learn the basics of math or writing. In each game, your job is only right and its implementation will give a positive result, and the opportunity to move to the next level. Now parents have no reason to alienate the child from the monitor, because it has become a textbook, but is attractive!

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