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Yepi games

If you are not ever left on their city or country, it's time to put flags on the map with points of your journey with a small alien named Yepi. You will visit on another planet, and get to know the quirks of its inhabitants. Will you settle in new territory free online game Yepi, and believe me, there's a lot of interesting places. When you play, wandering around the new world, try to pull the stem of a plant, to produce with a petal effect, and you'll see what metamorphoses occur. Do not hesitate to enjoy a journey guaranteed!

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Funny and unusual alien

Yepi games Games Yepi in its gameplay and graphics reminiscent of scenes toys Samorost and Machinarium. It is also a casual quest with a simple way to manage, but the events themselves take place in surreal world where nothing reminds our reality. On the green planet was attacked by a horde of aliens, and its inhabitants were sent into space distress signal. Our hero caught it and now roams in a foreign environment, trying not to fall into the trap, find your favorite and leave the hostile environment. He had no idea how difficult it is to navigate in unfamiliar terrain, where each step has to be pre-tested and prepared. One wrong move, and you have enough heels underground monster that has placed its tentacles in the hope eat unwary. On the surface sparkles in his eyes only, attached to a long neck, like a crab, and the rest of massive body safely hidden under the ground. Dug burrows become a trap for someone who will step into this invisible hole. But it is necessary to pull the vine, get a magic seed and shake it a drop of water it will sprout and become a life-saving shelter for our hero. The whole essence of the gameplay is the impact on the different objects that surround you. Surprisingly they give and produce certain actions that trigger a chain reaction and thus driven hidden natural mechanisms. Here are some springy formed mucus, etc., out of nowhere, dropped a strong rope, and then turned into a strange creature trucks, letting himself in our hero and transporting it in himself through the most dangerous sections of the road. It is necessary to work on some of his points as it releases toxic vapor, causing the enemy to retreat, uses force to destroy the bulky structures and opens a passage to a new level.

The purpose of the game Yepi

Yepi games During the different stages you have to find the right solutions for complex problems, overcome difficulties and to perform the feat. When it seems that you are about to achieve victory, before you open a new job. Even if you walk past the menacing alien in custody, will be taken into a spaceship and follow the star map, fly many millions of light years away, it does not mean that your odyssey is over. After landing, you will find yourself back in the strange world where strange work arrangements and guard are aggressive creatures. Only using cunning and logic thinking, you make your way forward. What do you wait for the next turn? Perhaps it's time to find out by opening Yepi games.

Yepi games At the same character, you learn how to control a flying saucer that has a classic look which is often used in animated films for the image of spacecraft. You unnecessarily tricky to learn unfamiliar devices that are equipped with the ship, but good enough to own a computer keyboard to give maximum acceleration techniques and begin your glorious way. Your task is to collect all the coins that are floating in the air and step up their game using a lot of points.

These toys look very bright and colorful, which immediately attracts attention. A non-trivial drawing style attracts the eye and it is not surprising that adult players themselves can not break away from this toy, wanting to pass all levels, in order to know the fascinating history of a distant planet, where there are so many interesting things. We invite all our gaming site, who are not indifferent to the original ideas and likes to learn new, hitherto unknown. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a new genre and love it forever.

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