Lego Friend games online

Lego Friend games online

A lot of fun moments will give free online game Lego Friend. With virtual friends you will not have time to get bored, because they always have plans for the day. Practise mindfulness and collect the same elements the designer to build the specified object. You can play, have a party at home, she invited her best friends, go on a boat to ride with the breeze in the fan spray, or open your own beauty salon. You will have the opportunity to build a stable and spa for lovely pets. With friends always exciting to start a new business.

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Games Lego friends for girls

Lego Friend games online Lego friends game will please young ladies who are already showing interest in fashion, style and trying to find for themselves the way in which they would be particularly comfortable. What a pleasure to open the cabinet, where the most beautiful, bright and trendy outfits. Because of this diversity can always choose something special to highlight the supple body, eye color, hair shade. But this is only the inexperienced women of fashion seems that excess things easier choice, but in reality a true woman still say that put her absolutely nothing. Such a whim – a common phenomenon, but we, nevertheless, try to manage the contents of the wardrobe and find the beauty of attire. Going to a party, her anguish overwhelmed what this time to put that impress girlfriends and make the boys to draw attention to themselves. As conceived by its ensemble there are some things, and you need to find them among the rest. Just finding the right dates, you can complete the level and start a new task to create an image.

Lego Friend games online Let it be said that the girls picky in choosing clothes, but no one would argue that this is a real talent – to be able to dress up. And in order to demonstrate their abilities in women's reincarnation, you can go to play games Lego friends, where you will have your own beauty salon. That is where there turn around and surrender to the innate passion to create elegant hairstyle, causing stylish make-up and choosing elegant outfits. The visitors of your salon come, and each wants to transform, to change the image or simply to correct a haircut. To the client's praise, learn their wishes and try to quickly and efficiently serve. If you succeed, your salon will soon gain the glory of creative institutions, all the ladies of the town you want to enroll, and you will have a lot of work.

Do you want to have your own horse?

Lego Friend games online But the fantasy girls are not limited to clothes and makeup. As true lady, they sometimes indulge in dreams of his own stables, as a symbol of the real aristocrats. To stand in the stalls graceful horses and affably waved his head at the sight of you from afar. This dream is achievable, you just start the process of the game Lego friends. Now you have your own horse, with which you will play in competitions at the racetrack. But first you need to prepare it for responsible action and prepare a stall and feed delicious, sweet carrot. During the feast, make sure that she did not eat nasty, slimy, poisonous toad. These wetland creation are very fond of hiding in vegetables and there is a danger that your stallion will not notice and accidentally swallow one.

Next, proceed to the mode of competition and prepare for high-speed races. Racing will be tense, as rivals try to get around you and win a gold medal. On the small screen, on the playing field, you can always see their performance, but more importantly, jump over all the obstacles on the treadmill and then the game points and the sympathy of the audience will take you in the first place. When the victory is in your pocket, go to the virtual shop Lego games FRIEND shopping for their horses. Here you will find a nice new saddle and bridle, interesting toys, but also you will have an opportunity to change the coloring of horse, the shape of the tail and mane. Most also creative, this game for girls FRIEND Lego coloring pages, where Princess lined up side by side waiting for your creative manifestations. There is a pencil, chalk and a bucket of paint. Choosing the right color palette, take for their work is one of the tools.


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