Max Steel games online

Max Steel games online

And once again threatened your planet. Only the brave hero dares to speak out against the iron of the enemy. It landed an army of robots, and they should be applied against the most powerful weapon. Start playing free online game Max Steele and armed with modern ammunition. Fantastic events are developing rapidly, and indefatigable enemy in place of fallen soldiers intrudes new. But the hero is equipped with improved warheads, and if you use them skillfully, be sure to smooth out the territory and save the world from dangerous guests.

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Become the hero of the game Max Steel

Max Steel games Max Steel games Games Max Steele continued the heroic theme in the world of fiction. Super heroes are fighting with the super enemies, and who wins will be known only after the next mission. On the basis of the H-TECH new threat of penetration beyond the perimeter – evil Dread raised numerous troops and sent them to conquer your territory. Dreadnoughts, clad in virtually impenetrable steel, filled all the corridors of the complex, and only a brave hero who is not afraid of these cans, is able to give a decisive rebuff to the enemy. You have to fierce battle in which you have to show skill soldier of the future. Watch out for indicators that show your level of life and invulnerability – as soon as they start reducing their performance, you become susceptible to attack an enemy. Turbo mode is also available, which can be activated by pressing « gap », and when the course of events you will have opportunities, they can also choose from a list of the same button on your computer.

During the game about steel Max you will have a lot of jobs and they are all extremely dangerous, and the successful execution of their hope to all the inhabitants of your planet and the complex as a whole. Agent Max Steele – it is the main fighter with a terrorist group « », fear that gripped dangerous-lethal means of a biological nature and intention certainly ruin the planet. Our hero is a modernized weapons currently using nanotechnology and is armed to the teeth with a powerful military arsenal, endowed with incredible force. He is cunning and strong, but because it is to him for help turning in the most critical situations, when other military units are powerless.

Tense fighting

Max Steel games Games steel Max will not let you relax for a minute. Filled dynamics are constantly changing situation and require the utmost concentration. Despite the fact that Max brave super hero who tirelessly fights with enemies and improves its performance to a new level, his enemies are not asleep, too, and brings ever own experience, as well as the military arsenal. You are coming deadly battle with numerous and dangerous enemies who attacked the space base, and set out to destroy all your spaceships. The seriousness of their position they prove assertive attack on the strategically important objects of the organization to which you belong. The situation is out of control can come at any time and it is necessary to keep a hand on the pulse, so that no invader is not leaked to the base, you entrusted to protect.

Events are moving inexorably swiftness, and no matter how brave warrior you are, but without the knowledge of tactics and ability to anticipate the intentions of the enemy you can not do. While you are cultivating from mission to mission, the invader also enhances their knowledge, skills and replenishes assortment of weapons, making it all the more perfect. This war will last a long time, and every time is a new experience. The cunning enemies do not know the limit and during the game Max Steele will have to play carefully, but quickly react to changing circumstances, if you do not want to hand over the position already conquered. To succeed, use different weapons in a situation that this has. Note:

  • The speed of movement is very important and should linger as the aggressor and take advantage of this deal a crushing blow.  
  • Your strength is not only in the armor, and the ability to resist and cause striking blows, to anticipate events and not to expose their weak points, and to respond with lightning speed to make several consecutive targeted actions for destruction.
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