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Smurfs Games Online

in the marshes stretched a small village, in which no one can find their way if its people do not want. But you are prepared in the form of bandwidth ticket online games Smurfs, and now you can easily play with them free to choose any direction. With the head of the settlement go to the lab and come up with a magic elixir, collect smurfavtomobil and help in the kitchen to cook everyone's favorite Smurfetke pie smurfyagod. When the meal is ready, move in search of a girl's wardrobe pretty dress, and after eating sweet treats – brush teeth, not to be in the dentist's chair.

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The history of the amazing creatures

Smurfs Games Online Smurfs Games Online Due to the Belgian artist and animator Pierre Kyulliforu, which is also known under the pseudonym Peyo, in 1958, was born the whole people – sham's smurfs. Author placed them in distant lands, which he called a curse. These creatures are blue and live in mushroom houses. If not for their heavenly color, they could be confused with the dwarfs, because the Smurfs growth does not exceed three apples high and they wear white hats and pants. However, there is one more thing that distinguishes our heroes, as a kind of – it is small pigtails that stick in the recesses of their pants.

Games sham's smurfs built based on the comic and animated series, so you will find a lot of adventures accompanied residents hidden behind the hills, swamps and deserts of the country. Outsiders can get there with the help of magic, going through all the difficulties the test, but if you're a good man, sham's smurfs happy to show you a shorter way and facilitate road. Only Gargamelle – evil sorcerer knows a spell that allows him to freely enter the abode of Smurfs. This causes a lot of complications and sometimes heroes to rescue the kidnapped brother, and to pass this mission successfully, open the game for two sham's smurfs.

Being in constant search of new discoveries, the characters are fun to take part in it, and you are invited. For example, once they struck a brilliant idea to build smurfmobil. They are ready and have all the details of the tool, but without the proper experience it is difficult to understand the scheme. If you join them and help collect all the details of the design, sham's smurfs will be very grateful. Still you have to race and it's time to hand out the heroes inventory. Hurry, otherwise action will start without you. But Papa Smurf conjures in his laboratory on a new potion and also not against Assistant. While he was busy with the most important, you have to look for him all the necessary components, and take care to not to waste electricity, otherwise he might accidentally throw in the boiler is not the element and everything will go down the drain.

Funny games Smurfs

Smurfs Games Online cute sham's smurfs games for girls allow rummage in the wardrobe Smurfety to help her dress up. Like any coquette, she is capricious and can not decide what is it this time to appear in front of friends. You can change the items of clothing until she is and you like the result. Then, look for all the numbers on the images of cheerful and happy Smurfs to find a better way of life in those pictures, which will be opened as soon as you clear the next. Open up new pictures, if you put them in the game sham's smurfs online free tag. Moving on the chips, place them so that they lay down in the correct order. This game reminds puzzles, where illustration is also necessary to collect from the individual components, and if you love these puzzles, we have selected for you, and such.

More games for girls sham's smurfs favorite topics prepared to care for themselves. Go to Smurfetkoy to a beauty salon and point marafet to meet the gentleman in all its glory. And to treat it, let's prepare a sweet pie smurfyagod. Tips to help you cope with this responsible task and capture your favorite culinary skills. If, after that, he will invite you to Paris, do not be surprised, but rather go to a rendezvous. The game based on the feature-length cartoon you will shine on the beautiful background lights look differences in the picture, gaining points and trying to work very quickly, until the game is over the allotted time.

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