Games Red and Green online

Games Red and Green online

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There is a law in the world that states that opposites attract. You can argue with this statement for a long time, but the friendship of two completely different creatures in a series of games called Red and Green can prove it to you. They are as different as can be, and their differences begin with character and end with color. One of them, with its greenery, resembles young spring foliage, and the second is red, like fire. Despite prejudices, they have been inseparable since early childhood and their friendship only grows stronger every day. The reason for this is their irrepressible energy and thirst for adventure, which makes them drop everything and rush to different parts of the planet. They often end up in incredibly dangerous places, encounter aggressive creatures, and their path is blocked by traps, but by uniting, they find a way out and save each other.

You, too, can go with them in search of an ancient temple, where there are still artifacts concealing unprecedented power, and you will try to get them before they fall into the wrong hands. Islands in the middle of the ocean contain pirate treasures, all that remains is to find the map, kill a couple of monsters and dig up the chest without falling under the influence of curses. Is it possible to ignore the candy forest? So what if it is full of swamps, predators and traps, friends must explore every corner of it. You will be celebrating Christmas and the obligatory collection of gifts, in the middle of a snowy world, fighting various evil spirits that broke through the portal on Halloween night and even a vacation on the beach, but don’t even hope to sunbathe and build a sand castle - more interesting activities are prepared for you.

All games from the Red and Green series are united by one fact - the tests are created in such a way that they pose a real danger only for one hero, and for the other they are the natural element. Engage them in turn, so one will deactivate the traps, and the other will be able to pass without risking his life and get useful items. Each location will be full of red and green colors. Not all objects are dangerous; among them there will be crystals, treats or bonuses, but they will only go to the character who matches the color. You will have to control Red and Green in turns if you want to play yourself. This will be incredibly difficult, so it’s best to invite one more player, and then everyone will take on some of the difficulties.

Red and Green is more than just a way to have fun. These games were created specifically to show how important mutual assistance, support, faith of loved ones and well-coordinated teamwork are. There will be many levels, but no player will be able to move on to the next, leaving the other alone. You will have to join forces to decipher the clues, wait patiently until your friend has enough dexterity to jump onto a high ledge or fly over a large gap, and even if you have to survive defeat, you can learn to share responsibility for it with dignity.

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