Strawberry Shortcake games

Strawberry Shortcake games

The country strawberry cherry States currently lives a girl with crimson hair. She loves to play hide and seek, prepare jam, jams and other fruit dishes. It is free open doors for you in your home, you to join her delicious occupation. Before you online game Charlotte Zemlyanichka and you do not have to be sad in this category. Prepare vitamin cosmetics for young skin, playing a beauty salon. For solar babes pick up outfit, which is dominated by floral and berry motifs and in a similar vein, do her hair, tying on ribbons and bright tails pinned clips in the form of strawberries and other berries.

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These different games Charlotte Zemlyanichka

Strawberry Shortcake games Based on the animated series created by a variety of computer fun, where players will learn the favorite characters and fun to accompany them in the virtual world. Charlotte Zemlyanichka Free Games provide an opportunity to accompany the young heroine kids to learn various aspects of her own life and learn useful skills.

is to develop products specifically designed for younger players. They are a pleasure to be and to do simple tasks, and colors in attractive colors, pleasing the eye. Let the girls in their tender age it is too early to think about cosmetic procedures, but curiosity pushes to experiment with my mother's makeup.

In order to avoid confusion in real life, games for girls Charlotte Zemlyanichka allow experimenting with structures and procedures, avoiding parental dissatisfaction. Visiting the virtual institution to restore beauty, the girls must first gather the necessary ingredients of which is made of cream, masks, scrubs, lotions and other formulations. Suitable for this honey, flowers and fruits. In the task, you will find what you need, and when you find each item, proceed to the next task.

With the arrival of spring in the town of berry comes a time when flowers bloom and there are berries. In place of the little things come winter multicolored rainbow, warm colors. All residents with Zemlyanichkoy can not wait to come springtime celebration, and pre-prepared outfits. It is time our heroine tidy up your wardrobe and come up with an image for the upcoming event. Try the little things from her closet and create a festive hair style: free flowing curls, braids or ponytails.

Strawberry Shortcake games Accessories Charlotte look in the form of berries, but because you have a wide choice of botanical subjects, and the beautiful lilt blestochek make fun especially elegant. Free Games Charlotte Zemlyanichka invite you to accompany the girl to Paris. She decided to ride in the romantic city on a bicycle, and since around the fragrant spring, it conjures up a romantic mood, when I want to look spectacular. Here again the task to dress up heroine, given its special mood.
You can also become a designer and come up ballroom dress for a special occasion:

  • First, choose a berry that becomes your main areas: plum, strawberry, Malinka, lemon, blueberry and other image.  
  • Furthermore, use fabrics of different colors to make the dress and shoes zest.  
  • And in the end pin the brooch and put on the diadem.  

Other games with Charlotte

Strawberry Shortcake games So you were a real designer. In Charlotte Zemlyanichka dress up games you can play on, but for a variety of useful change direction to explore other possibilities of entertainment with girls berries. They are fun to play hide and seek. Picture floats, zoning, and on each of the house looks out one of the heroines to hide again. You need to have time to click on each until they can be seen from a window or door. By bringing the company together, and you will see it in the film on top of the game screen, you can start the game again, in order once again to catch these beauties.

Next, prepare a refreshing lemonade berry, playing three rounds of play. First catch the basket more juicy vitamins, falling from above, then pour the drink into glasses, and then distribute the girls. After each round, you get a bonus coloring and begin to sketch you can, when you complete the procedure with lemonade. What else is ready to offer Charlotte you learn by studying the section completely.

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