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Thor games

Terrible Thor came from their world to become part of the team the Avengers. He is armed with a magic hammer and hit it impossible. It is hardy and strong, merciless to enemies and betrayed by friends. All the talk about it online Thor game in which you will always play for free. Stories undefeated Torah tells Lego constructor and where everything, even the hero himself, assembled from parts. But it does not interfere with Lego Torah continue to fight monsters and evil geniuses. On the revenue it ready to rush the other team members in order to destroy the enemy forces in the bud. And the most famous battle scenes are presented in a colorful puzzle.

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The Great Tor

Thor games In this section you will find the most exciting games free Tor in which the main character acts Norse god, comic hero and one of the Avengers team – Thor. This is the most legendary and outstanding personality, which occupies in the ranking of the votes of one hundred and fourteenth place in popularity among comic book characters. His image was used several times in the series, movies, as toys and logos. He controls the elements of nature and has unique abilities. He hears every cry from the other side of the planet; travels through time; develops sverhskorost; sees traffic exceeding the speed of light. It is practically invulnerable not susceptible to disease earthlings, has partial immunity to magic, heals wounds, and even grows a new body, but if you break down his hammer Mjolnir, it will be defeated. Originally Thor from Asgard and son of Odin and Gaea. He is considered one of the strongest in Asgard, and unique abilities and immortality is through the golden apples from the Garden of Eden. Sometimes, during the battle, he falls into a state of madness, or Berserker Warrior, which increases its strength many times, but overshadowing the mind and then he can attack everyone, even his. At such times, he did not even need food, water and recreation – Nine months later, he can fight ice giants without interruption. In his power to cause natural disasters for local and global scale, using his hammer. But if the phenomenon caused by magic, then he is helpless. Check the fighting skills of the hero of the game Thor

Thor games Games Thor2 remind you once again how much the hero of a great fighter. He will plunge the enemy hand to hand and perfectly holds the hammer, sword, mace and ax. Belt Force and hammer Mjolnir – Two magical gizmos without which he can not do. With belt doubled his strength, and using a hammer, he flies, monitors weather conditions, skilfully puts the energy barrier and avoids the psychological attack, in the worlds of travel, and also helps to use his trademark strokes: thermal shock, impact and anti-shock of the gods. Throwing the hammer forward and holding a leather belt, Thor Mjolnir flies over the Earth's atmosphere, developing a speed exceeding light.

In the Torah there is a magic chariot drawn by a pair of magical goats, in which the hero can carry and your friends. His power is enough to throw objects in space, and if you throw a hammer in Asgard, he will return to his master. This mystical superhero can admire the infinite, and his ability to learn independently, we offer you free games Thor, where he fought against the enemies with courage and valor. Take off with him in the sky and reflect enemy attacks in the heavenly places, trying, that they did not penetrate to the Earth, where they can hide and sow the seeds of evil unnoticed. And when the head down, work, and there will be plenty.

Thor games Your opponents will be:  

  • Gela;
  • The evidence;
  • Snow Giants;
  • Loki;
  • Fenris;
  • Surtur;
  • The demons and trolls;

Every attack, armed with specific weapons and force. But our Thor already familiar with each representative of evil and find them council. Since Thor is part of The Avengers, with Iron Man, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Moulmenom, Ms. Marvel, Modoc and Doctor Doom, he will be protected from the forces of attacking towers. Knowing the power of each character, place them in the perimeter that they met anyone who encroached on their territory. The gameplay Thor kingdom of darkness will please fans of films about the Torah. Now superhero fights with monsters in Asgard, passing many missions. Although an exact match with no film into opponents and allies are the same.

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