Wolverine and the X-Men games

Wolverine and the X-Men games

Online games Wolverine and the X-Men have become as legendary as the history of comics, with which they are charged. Playing for free, you can focus on passing and not think about the material side of the issue. Wolverine is a character with a complex character. He was hard to control his anger, and coming out of the finger-nails blades deliver torment, and because his face always sullen. But playing on his face is interesting in that it is a constant struggle with the enemy and himself, trying to stay within the framework of a positive character. And if you will offer him support, it will be your faithful friend.

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Wolverine and the X-Men games

Most of the power – great responsibility

Superheroes were born in the pages of comics, but gradually discovered new spaces, settling in film, literature and computer games. They created the image and related products

  • application on T-shirts, caps, stickers;  
  • posters;
  • toys.  

In all of them has its own strength and abilities that make each character unique and recognizable. Some come to the desire to engage in activities of their own superhero, others are exposed to environmental phenomena, or are victims of scientific laboratories. And if a character is a major force, the whole crowd supermen – this is a real army, which is almost impossible to win. If they manage to find common ground and unite against them will not stand no enemy, even the most powerful.

X-Men have become such a force and can talk about them much, but better than any words the game Wolverine and the X-Men declare themselves. Created based on the movie, which is based on the comics, they retain the basic idea, but offer a new approach and illuminate the characters in a fresh light. Are you familiar with Wolverine,  

The Phantom Cat, Berg, blacksmiths, Rogue, and other characters that may well encounter in the vast virtual world.  

What awaits us in the game Wolverine and the X-Men?

  1. Taking it over, get ready to team up with Wolverine on railroad tracks. He runs away, and you follow him, guiding him to the right or left arrow keys. When there is an obstacle ahead, it is necessary to jump over or run round it, and on moving or static can jump the train. Skip coin is not recommended, because it is your future gaming account. But the meeting with the enemy provides a mandatory fight. It is impossible to avoid, otherwise perish, and the game will end your losing.  
  2. Wolverine and the X-Men games Wolverine and the X-Men games On another occasion, hitting the streets of Tokyo, you have to present a survival game. By selecting « story » You will take the role of Wolverine's mission and collect bonuses. Here awaits fifteen levels, and after each, you will see a number of points. In the endless mode is a bet on the length of life of the hero. He jumps on roofs, runs through the streets, avoid obstacles, to fight the enemy. But in the mode « survival » Wolverine is the arena with multiple platforms and have to fight so that to stay alive as long as possible. In the melee enemies using samurayskiemechi, and further – shuriken – throwing stars with sharpened edges on all sides. You can evade them if they make a tackle or jump up.
  3. On another occasion, the protagonist goes to the future twenty years in advance to perform a specific task. He could not carry with them any weapons other than its own claws, which distinguish it from other superheroes. Against him fight high-tech robots, an order of magnitude more powerful than Wolverine and above. Using only the claws, he boldly goes against the army of iron soldiers shoot lasers, providing a fitting rebuff. Your help will be very useful, and if you help one of the teams X cope with the task, will soon return to his native time. When the robot is getting bigger, better to jump over some, because to fight with several at the same time is simply unrealistic. The ability to run fast is also useful, especially when there will be flying robots. And to always keep your finger on the pulse of their own, do not forget to pay attention to the scale of the health and achievement, which is placed at the top of the game screen.  
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