Pou games

Pou games

The smallest players Boden interesting to get acquainted with the hero of the game Pou online and free to play numerous adventures that await cute alien. Perhaps its all the inhabitants of the planet resemble triangular potatoes, because the main character's girlfriend is also triangular, brown, without arms and legs. Pou actively developed in the new world and attends the clinic, beauty salons, and goes on a picnic date, working on the farm. The process often resembles a toy Tamagotchi, but now with advanced features. You can even furnish his apartment, show imagination and ingenuity, paying attention to all the rooms.

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Pou games Fifteen years ago, the Japanese toy called « Tamagotchi » He made a breakthrough in the field of electronic games as in Eastern Asia, and Europe. Tiny electronic game in which it was necessary to grow your own pet, became the object of desire for many children. For him it was necessary to take care of every possible way: to feed, play games, put to bed on time, clean, entertain, all the forces trying to please his email does not give him a pet die. Endless game options offer you to choose someone to grow: from fairy tale characters such as dragons and dinosaurs to the most ordinary kittens and puppies. With the development of computer technology, Tamagotchi, with its primitive graphics, simple games and enough interesting plot gone. However, he had to replace the computer games in which you will have to perform the same task: every day to watch the growth and development of your pet. These simulators there are an infinite number.

Pou games The unusual pet

In recent years, one of them differs. This game called « Pou ». Having initially huge popularity on the phones, professionals suffered endless analogues Pou games on a personal computer. In the game you have to take care of a creature from another planet, triangular, strongly resembling a potato with big eyes and mouth. In addition to all kinds of mini-games with this creature, courtship and feeding him, you are invited as well to equip the house in which he lives.

Games Pou in different manifestations

Pou games On our site you will find a section with this funny character in the lead role. In addition to his upbringing and care, you will need to do more, and along with it different everyday things. You a description of several games involving Pou.

  • Pou games Pou at a reception at the doctor. Game for the youngest. You need to take the animal to the doctor and help to cure Pou some injuries that he received after a trip to a school camp. Very simple actions and management will be apparent to the child and bring a lot of fun.
  • Pou room cleaning. Another game for kids: You have to help remove all the trash in the room as soon as possible. This will determine the final number of points you earn. Compete with your friends and determine the most orderly in the company. The game has several levels and each time the items that need to be put in places is becoming more and more.
  • Pou preparing apple pie. Become a real cook with an alien being. Help him prepare a real apple pie. Step by step, follow the proposed actions on the ingredients of the cake to the end to please his sweet dessert.
  • as the Pou konefeta. A puzzle game in which you need to bring to rotika Pou sweet candy. To achieve this you need to cut the rope on which rests the candy at the right time in the right place. Make it the fastest and the minimum number of steps to earn maximum bonus Stars.

These are only some of the games presented on our website. We always stay tuned facing in the global industry of mini-games to play in the game Pou had not bothered. Free games Pou available on our website without registration, as well as free downloads and installs – they are available online right in your browser. In this section you will find Pou free games that will suit perfectly to all the members of your family. A large number of adventures with beloved little creatures bring you remarkably cool feeling, cheer up, and ensure a pleasant pastime during the game.

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