Ever After High games

Ever After High games

We invite you to play for free online in the continuation of a series of children of monsters, but now it will be Game Ever the after Hai, where the heirs are the descendants of the fairy tale characters more peaceful profession. It turns out that the Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Cinderella, and other characters had children, though tales end with the episode reunion of lovers. How to build your fate of their children, learn from the game scenes. Teenagers all backgrounds interested in fashion and entertainment, a concern because the main themes odevalok, hairstyles, make-up, search, brodilok.

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  Ever After High games Ever the after Hai – Puppet is never too much

At the end of May 2013 it started to produce a series of new dolls – Ever the after Hai (Ever After High), which is directly related to another popular series – Monster High (Monster High). Judging by how successful and popular doll appeared monsters, about the fate of the continuation do not worry. The creators are so confident that the new doll like no less than that in the summer of 2014 they got an adventure book in Russian about the descendants of the heroes of different stories in school, which is called "The Book of Legends". Circulation was 6,000 copies, and it's a lot. Another is planned to produce themed clothes for girls in the style Ever the after Hai, but the game Ever the after Hai now presented in a rich assortment.


This series differs from the Monster High fact that now the dolls look more "humane" – their faces the correct forms, as the body of proportionality.  

  story plot Ever the after Hai

The story is not very different from the previous series – children of famous characters have to be trained in a special school. But now we are not monsters, but the descendants of princesses, mermaids, water, and other heroes of fairy tales. You will meet the daughters Hatter, The Swan Princess, Goldilocks, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, the evil queen, Prince Frog sons, Robin Hood, Humpty Dumpty and other.
In front of them a dilemma: to go in the footsteps of their parents and do the will of destiny, or build your own. Ever the after Hai shared heirs (Royal) and apostates (Rebel).  

Ever After High games

Obedient heirs

This is mainly the representatives of the royal family, and of course, that they are willing to submit to her fate. These include:

  • Apple White
  • Brier Beauty
  • Ashlyn Ella
  • Blondie Locks
  • Lizzy Hearts
  • Dexter Charming
  • Duchess Swan
  • On Holly ´ Hare

The Departed revolt

When fate does not prepare you anything pleasant whether she indulge? Naturally, our heroes have decided to go against the rules and seek to avoid the fate of their parents' bitter glory. Among these, you will see the following names:

  • Raven Queen
  • On Poppy ´ Hare
  • . A. Cupid
  • Honter Hantsmen
  • Medellin Hetter
  • Cerasi Hood
  • Cedar Wood

Ever After High games Ever After High games The main theme of the game Ever the after Hai

  • Ever the after Hai dress up games.

Each doll has a pedigree, and therefore adheres to a certain style in its image. But this does not mean that it must always wear one outfit, and we offer you the possibility to transform them with the details of clothes and accessories. Topics games given direction to help you choose the costumes for parties, visits, picnics, meetings of the holiday. Men and women are separate items of clothing to make it easier to put them into heroes.

  • Games Ever the after Hai rpg.

Moving from school, you can meet friends and enemies. But if a nice chat with the first, the other is desirable not to enter into a relationship. Helping the student to explore the corridors, collect useful little things, jump over obstacles and enemies to your standard of living is not reduced.

  • Going to a party, the girls know how to be the most compelling. Here Free Games Ever the after Hai – Virtual Salon. Use the available means and follow the prompts to beauty treatments make your skin shine. Then apply makeup and make a beautiful hairdo. Do not forget the magic box, which holds the splendid decorations.
  • Games Ever the after Hai for free, it is also a search.

While the dolls are in search of the meaning of existence, you have to find differences in the picture, identical cards, as well as all the specified items.

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