Swords and Sandals games

Swords and Sandals games

Do you want to learn how to turn into gladiators? – Start playing free online games Swords and Sandals. Create your hero, choosing facial hair, skin color and body shape, the size, and set the level of muscle strength, health, power and others. Before the start of the colorful history of the movie tells you how the hero found himself in a hopeless situation from which one road – in the gladiatorial arena. First, you have scarce cash, which will be enough for most simple sword, equipment and a bit of magic. While intuitive operation Choose action: attack, attack, attack, jump, cutting.

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  Games Swords and Sandals – ancient gladiatorial games

Swords and Sandals games

Swords and Sandals games Games Swords and Sandals are presented with sequels, and let all paths lead protagonist in the gladiatorial arena, the story begins differently. In the beginning you create on who will control. Pumped fighter flexing its muscles, until you pick him

  • The color of the skin or the form goblin, elves, dwarves, robots, skeleton, woman, mummy and other mythical characters of different shapes and appearance.
  • Hair and Facial  
  • Then, choose a hair color
  • Set parameters: health, strength, speed, defense, and others.  

Points to personal characteristics stands out a little, therefore, distribute them evenly, and the remaining Give your creation of the opportunities that will help him to survive in combat.

About how to become Gladiators

In the first part of the game Swords and Sandals you find yourself on a pirate ship and see beautiful movie about how carefree for a bottle of rum robbers spend the evening as the ship tossed in a stormy sea. But here's the surprise – ahead drew a lone iceberg and, of course, you happen to miss him. Ship crashes into a block of ice, the ship starts to sink, and the pirates throw overboard in an attempt to escape. Our hero throws a wave in the ancient town with a couple of pennies in your pocket. To earn more, he decides to become a gladiator, but first need to buy at least some equipment and weapons, because with his bare hands and a loincloth povoyuesh not much.

A short sword bandana, boots and trousers to begin amiss. To buy it all, visit the blacksmith shop and the merchant where they will show their wares. When the last money spent, you can go to the arena.

Swords and Sandals games Swords and Sandals games The battle takes place in steps – you and the enemy are doing turns steps and lunges. First picks up closer to his opponent and then attack. There is still the possibility of "persecution", and it helps if your charisma is at a high level – tease and exhausting the enemy to exhaust it, and then strike.
In the second part you will again create the hero's appearance and gives characteristics. The video begins with the fact that he is in some prison in chains. Suddenly the door opens and cuts through the darkness torchlight. Locks to remove the chains, but you have to pay for freedom. And there's only one way – fight to the death to other prisoners. You are given the right of first refusal of the enemy, and that the fight begins. The third part makes it possible to change the height and thickness of the hero. He can become a cyborg or a woman, or a skeleton mummy. But the intro is not as exciting – character runs through the desert, against the background of which floats in English. It will run until you press the mouse on the screen, and then will face a mountain inhabited by traders useful things. There's even a magic drug, along with weapons and equipment.

In the following, the fourth game, again look beautiful movie and create their own warrior. Now the game will follow the principle of throwing dice, and how values-point fall, many steps will make your hero and his rival. Some positions represent concrete actions and it is not always a classic battle – You can even make a bet on a horse race.

go to fight the brave gladiators!

A series of the game Swords and Sandals have appreciated many players. Each version promises fun, because it is endowed with decent graphics and control. You know about the brave gladiators from movies, books and schoolwork, and now themselves can become one of them to the arena to defend their lives, fought with a dozen enemies.

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