Mass Mayhem games

Mass Mayhem games

There is a need to destroy? – open free online game Mass Mayhem to play the role of suicide bombers. Your hero is not afraid of death, and acts arrogantly, aggressively. He left the ruins, where once was a street bloomed park and walking people. Its mission – spread more buildings and kill enemies. He does not care – live in front of people or zombies. The more he had broken lives, the more money goes to his account so that it can diversify the weapons and increase its power.

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Mass Mayhem games

Mass Mayhem games Games Mass Mayhem – New Shooting

Sometimes it raspsihueshsya that I want everything to crush, break, burn, all stutters. But ... education and ethical norms do not allow. Here to help and come game Mass mayhem. The game was called not just – your actions should lead to ensure that the perimeter and left no stone unturned. We have provided a huge range of explosive devices, and you have only to make some money on their purchase. We have a lot of useful stuff, but what they are steeper, the more expensive. Now start to act.

We are at war against all, destroy everything around

Oh, if only it was that simple! But the game always sets the conditions, and even if you have the best weapons, hardened nerves and bad mood, too, will have to destroy by the rules of the genre. As usual, the hero and his equipment necessary to pump if you want to spread the most solid structures and destroy all enemies. The money for this can be earned by fulfilling orders. You can charge to undermine

  • Most  
  • The company  
  • nuclear power plant  
  • Residential House  

  they lay in the explosive, shoot a bazooka and mortar. And if you're lucky, in the explosion will suffer not only the planned facility and neighboring buildings. This will multiply your scores and bring additional revenue. With the money to buy a hurry useful innovations in the online shop: ammunition and defense.

Mass Mayhem games Mass Mayhem games As the game Mass Mayhem offer a variety of subjects, do not be surprised, having met a zombie. There will not get one shotgun, but if your pockets are empty, they have yet to do. But when naschelkat little walking monsters and earn some money, go to our store for more modern weapons. Our special pride – robot with incredible potential. You can stuff the arms of any strength and caliber. Imagine that in his arsenal and missile appeared ognepushki trunks, and of the little things: grenades, rifles, mines, machine guns and other rubbish. Yes, with so much firepower can destroy the continent, not just the deal c some zombies! There are other ways of destruction, such as suicide bombers thicker looking crowd, and then operate the mines, which themselves and bedecked. Try to cope with this task before you take aim at the sniper.

We still have a lot of shooters

In fact, many games can be called a massive pogrom. If you have a weapon, then you have to shoot, blow up and destroy. This can be a lone shooter or a whole army. If after that there are only chips and horns and legs, fun may well be in this section. The main thing is more than to ruin buildings and destroy opponents. For this you will be rewarded financially in a large scale, as well as the power of your arms will grow, the victims will become more rewards will also be higher. Select the plot, get acquainted with the rules and proceed to the assignment, which is caused by the subject.

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