Giochi di Wander Over Yonder

Giochi di Wander Over Yonder

Here-and-there rides Sylvia – his gallant horse and friend. Together they – magnificent rescue residents of the galaxy, which is so eager to seize Sinister with an army of one-eyed. Help the heroes of justice, started playing free online games with greetings for planets. Mission is a real adventure in the spirit of the space odyssey. Melee monsters are inevitable. One-eyed soldiers commanded by General Glyadelkins and henchmen Emperor Cool heads instead have a hand. Only then-and-there and Sylvia know how to destroy the enemy and restore peace on the planet.

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Games With greetings of the planets – about gay space travelers

Giochi di Wander Over Yonder shaggy ginger being spoon-shaped – Here-and-there, I do not know what despondency. He always looks ahead optimistically, and this helps him to resist Lord Sinister Scout with his army, to scour the galaxy for the purpose of conquest. Antihero created with serious problems of this planet. Where they are declared, all coming chaos and desolation. Only then-and-there, he's Wonder, ride a true friend-a horse the color of blue sky – Sylvia Walkins can restore order in the universe.

Heroes and anti-heroes

  • Wonder – no doubt a positive hero.

It is not for nothing called here-and-there – he always kept pace, and everyone helps. His irrepressible and resilient character sometimes enrages Sylvia, because he and his absolute enemy Snarky sees a friend who just have not realized the mutual good-hearted feelings. Even interfering with the enemy to carry out his plans, Wonder if by chance it does, effortlessly. He is so unbalanced that it is an injustice to notice as he literally flies to the scene, wanting to fix it immediately.

  • Sylvia – graceful, beautiful, swift horse.

Giochi di Wander Over Yonder She – Wander best friend and never leave, even if not always share his impulses. The nature of her more serious and always ready for battle. Volder However, she has already visited many planets, but there is still a lot of work.

  • The Lord Sinister – Skeleton dressed in a red and black suit, the enemy Wander.

Dream conquer the galaxy, he has led a huge army Scout, is able to create a force field and throw a green lightning. But Wonder sees him more as an eternally dissatisfied friend with whom you can negotiate, which greatly annoys Sinister. Here-and-Tamu think he has a good time, fooling around, trying to cheer up the enemy, and he just begins to boil with rage.

  • Glyadelkins – Chief of the Army Sinister.

He is like a man, but in place of the head has a single big eye. All the time and means to plant Wonder Sylvia in prison, but to no avail, thoroughly angry than his master.

  • The Emperor Cool – Shark.

His favorite amusement – parties on the end of the world, where the climax of becoming the complete destruction of the planet. Then he mounts his ship, limo and heads to the next planet, together with partners – people with head in the form of arms.

The time to embark on a journey!

Giochi di Wander Over Yonder Giochi di Wander Over Yonder Games With greetings of the planets – is the embodiment of the American sci-fi animated series in which the characters travel the world's population, and each trial begins with a visit to the New World.

In his green hat with a star Wonder looks like a sheriff, who travels on horseback, patrolling the Universe. Each game is another important task. Let it only puzzle, assemble it is necessary to save the life of the next small planet lost in infinite space. More adventures await you in the following areas:

  • Adventure
  • Shooting
  • Logical games

You are constantly attacking monsters and soldiers eyed Sinister. Some were to be immediately destroyed, but some can be circumvented. Completing quests, you are reborn to life of foreign lands, to plant again flourished, and the animals took heart in the native environment.

With regards the planets free games created specifically for fans of space fiction. There are many bright scenes, pleasant music, and the dynamics of some fun is replaced by a calm process of collecting images of the elements and the creation of nice postcards, which are then easily print the printer.

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