City Siege games

City Siege games

Arcade online game The siege of the city belong to the list of fun for the boys, but the girls to play for free and enjoy. Easy to manage and dynamic events in real adventures captivate young soldier who is always there, where you need to defeat the enemy. He has a lot of missions: rescue the prisoners to win an oil rig, mining resources of the mine, to reflect the invasion of aliens. In each series, the new history of the game, which will have to fight a weapon, but it is complicated and modified: machine guns and bazookas, pistols and rifles, grenade launchers, lasers, tanks and military robots.
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First-class game City Siege Arcade platformer with components and shooters - perfect genre for many boys and girls. But when the number of toys is growing, quality is lost and find a decent product more difficult. Here is the game The siege of the city, we are sure - they like their players entertaining storyline. It has a series of other advantages, for example, clear graphics, even on the big screen. Much nicer to control the characters, when you do not have to guess what kind of blur looms ahead. Every detail is clearly visible, and the reception cartoon drawing creates a mood. Rescue hostages After the loading screen you need to click on an armed hero who donned camouflage and helmet. He is ready to fight, and impatience hops and start the battle he can after activation. Your soldiers know that the city is captured by the enemy, patrolling the territory. In front of a lot of debris - artificial barriers in the form of sand bags and boxes. Some barbed wire, and pass them is not always possible. They also harbor the enemy firmly on your shots, and to get to them, you need to shoot the fortifications. Games for boys siege of the city is not in vain are Platformer - sometimes you have to jump on the obstacles, and their altitude patrol to shoot in order to pass on. In later levels you will find the hostages, who are waiting for a hero who would free them from captivity. Some manage to save at once, but difficult to get close to the other, because the aggressor is very close. Among the captives there are old people, children and adults, but there are more characters, for the salvation of which the cash consideration above. Soldiers armed and very dangerous To be an effective fighter, you need to arm themselves and try not to lose their own lives. It simply squandered, but to restore the required first aid kit, which you can find or buy when accumulate some money. Accumulate need not only money, but with an asterisk. They add life and enhance the power of the warrior. However, should he die as collected Shooting Stars lost, and have to buy a man again. The first levels can be characterized as training - they are lighter and faster. Your character is armed with a rifle, but then begin a real choice of weapons: • Machines • Grenade • Bazooka • Tanks Gradually, the attacks become more serious, and will not only destroy the bags and boxes, but also the building: • Blocks of flats • Shopping • Stalls • Enterprises • Security Tower To destroy the city, try not to harm civilians, because you are fighting on the side of good, and your task - to save lives, to save the victims. But to be a great success if buried under the rubble are enemy units. If in the heat of battle you will understand that in this situation it is better to cope with the other Warrior specialization, go to the virtual shop where you can buy it. Watch out for the remaining amount of vital resources, since recovery is not subject to the soldiers who died. The different series of developers have set new conditions for the heroic deeds, and terrorists after the massacre of the city, you will be sent into the jungle, where gunmen took control of space mining resources. Now you need to restore justice by returning residents of their wealth. More games City Siege offer to play for free against the aliens. Now military arsenal diversity: • Lasers • rocket pack • Flame Thrower A selection and mechanized units: • Tanks • Buggy • Fighting robots • Aircraft

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