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Want to experience the real excitement, adrenalin and the taste of blood? Online games Piranhas resemble a horror show, where the main role given to freshwater predatory fish with teeth, blades. You'll feed your little monster for several chapters, to protect it from predators and other dangers that are found in the lake waters. Start playing for free, going for human blood on the hunt. It will be your sense of life and capital, which can pay at the store for the opportunity to purchase additional capacity: strength, speed, powerful jaws.
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Games about piranhas: Fish for blood Well, in our waters do not live dangerous predators. We've learned that the fish in silence brings our taste preferences to its tender meat, and can only flutter on the hook. Most other fish inhabit the waters of South America - toothed piranhas that can turn a man to dinner, and do it in a few minutes. Their habits most clearly tell piranha games for free, and if you are not afraid of the sight of blood, join the players who crave adventure. In a series of games about piranhas you yourself turn into freshwater predator who lies in wait for tourists on the water, and then attacked them, turning the boat. When the poor fellow is in a helpless situation, floundering and unable to swim up, he just egged his actions piranha, catching her appetite. From fry monster Initially, you will fish shallow, but with serious intentions and sharp teeth. To grow, you need a lot of blood. Find it is not a problem - a lot of fishermen on the boats and just holidaymakers who will fit perfectly for dinner. Jump out of the water, turning the boat, and when the person will be in the water, attacked him. The blood - your life-giving food that makes you grow. This happens gradually over levels. Drop in to the store and choose: • Increase in size • The ability to eat a person at a time • Increase speed • become immortal • Get more blood Absorbing more blood, you become powerful, more agile and dangerous. Your sizes are gradually increased, and soon you will not be equal. So you approach the target piranha games online - from toddler to become a terrible, huge, invincible monster. Perfect Killer As the real owner of the reservoir, you must know its reefs and undercurrents. If at first the food in the form of people she floats in your hands, then it will be necessary to look for a crowded place. The bottom is not so smooth, but swim under boulders can be formed in the gap. Ascend from the bottom to the surface of the lake, and if you find one, the next swim lagoon. But you must admit that no one bothers to deal with the bloody work, and there is no competition, it quickly becomes boring. That's why the game developers have added some bloodthirsty piranhas for you dangerous moments. Now, in the lake waters are floating other predators besides you, and while you are small size, it can eat you. For example, the shark - it's unconditional defeat, so the meeting with her is undesirable. Meet you and jellyfish. Though they do not belong to a potentially deadly threat, but significantly spoil the hunting life. To accelerate its own growth, the sharpness of the teeth and fins capacity for speed, help cheat codes provided by the authors of the toy. With the help of these codes can also adjust the weather, making it always sunny or rainy. Although it will accelerate your transformation, newcomers still recommend to try to do without them. Much more interesting to yourself to go through all stages of development, surviving in a complex world. One day you will have a unique opportunity to create an army of helpers - other fish that will attack your victim. The more you play games piranha fish, the more interesting it becomes. Once you are in the aquarium, traveling in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. But the call of nature takes its re - break the glass, tear chain Disable all devices and pluck the salon. In the meantime, the plane crashes, thoroughly reinforce blood. Next you will find a big city, the island with the natives, and meeting with the pirates.

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