Robocar Poli games

Robocar Poli games

Visit the town of Broome, in which live together cars Rescue. What adventures await you, talk online games robokara Poly. Situations will put you in front of the problem to be resolved. Start playing Robocar Poli, and go through the maze, with cute toy cars the puzzle, find differences, find all memory cards. You can even play hide and seek with them, solve puzzles, and paint - here they are restless and funny cars. With them, you will gain new skills, learn how to get out of complicated situations, appreciate the friendship and mutual assistance.
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Developing games Poly robokara

Robocar Poli games online Game Poli created on the basis of the plot of the animated series of RoiVisual of machines that together with the people living in the cozy town of Broome, and busy rescue operations. Each car has a profession, and looks unique, so it can be recognized.
cartoon theme, a positive attitude to bring to young viewers and mutual security ideas. Each series of calls to be careful not to get into trouble that await in the big world. Game authors robokara play offer with the same motive, but then the kids will develop even care, kindness and mutual learning.

Perform the task to be fun, considering the pictures with the characters and manipulating them on the streets of the city. Parents can not worry about the kids robokara – Poly game is not tight on time, and each passage is designed for gamers young age, and therefore does not seem too difficult.

friendly team of rescuers

main character of the game is easy to learn robokara Poly – each decorated according to its intended use.

  • Amber – Ambulance with a pink bow. She quickly whisk if someone bad. She also sympathetic and intelligent, but does not like spiders.
  • – robokara Poly with bright flashing lights police car. He is brave, resolute guardian of law and order, but the caterpillars scared, so he better not show it.
  • Robotrek Roy – painted in red and yellow colors of a firefighter, but when necessary, will easily pull of gravity.
  • – Holly Robokopter indispensable in rescue helicopter with a curious and stubborn character.
  • Gene
  • – girl who is working as an operator in the team trucks, receiving calls and directing them to a destination on the radio. He likes and understands the new technologies.


Robocar Poli games online

Robocar Poli games online

In addition to the main characters of the city is filled with other colorful inhabitants. Some machines work at the port, loading, unloading and delivering goods, others carry about mail or passengers. They are involved in the construction – are real hard workers, who are not afraid of hard work. School buses in a hurry to get the kids to school and back home, and cleaning equipment takes care of the streets clean. Everyone has a hobby, and nobody walks idly. But sometimes there are also villains as Truck - X disguised as a good van with toys. But he appeared in only one of the cartoon series to show the kids how dangerous it is to communicate with people who might steal them.

All machines can be transformed, and this allows them to perform several functions. When you're in the game robokara Poly play, you'll see how Paulie, Amber, Roy and other machines suddenly take on the feet and hands, becoming like men.

fun in the team trucks

You will enjoy games online Poly robokara play in helping the heroes in the rescue missions. Each of them has earned his place as able to make decisions quickly, to find the right path, it has an excellent memory and observation. To become the same play:

  • Memory Cards
  • Pazly
  • Labirinty
  • Poisk otlichiy
  • Pryatki

Pomogite heroes find the right way in the maze of intertwined roads. This is your favorite activity or rescue vehicles – they are trained to navigate the terrain, and invite you to join. it is necessary to find differences on two pictures Poly robokara games online to become a real detective, and then collect a few puzzles and find a place characters in the empty cells in the figure corresponding to their contours. Imagine that you have a foldout evidence collected in a single picture, and each element must take a specific location.

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