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Handy Manny games

Play for free and develop during games Handy Manny is so nice! The Animated Series, and our games are named after the main character, who promptly all repairs due to smart instruments. They are alive, but because in the process of talking, laughing and sometimes arguing. Going with friends to the carnival, the garage or park, boy everywhere in business. During the mini-games will have a lot to repair mechanisms, returning them to working condition. Machines have to refuel gasoline, to change and to pump up the tires, change the oil, wash them and repair the motor. And we have a wonderful coloring and dress up.
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Game Handy Manny all repaired

Handy Manny games online American cartoon"Handy Manny,"released in 2006, and soon he subjects has become possible to play the game Handy Manny.
Events occur in Rokhilze – cheerful town with funny inhabitants. The protagonist – boy Manny with their own unique tools. They live, and are able to communicate. In the process, they laugh, talk, often argue, but always strive to make things right, to help the young man to do the job.

The workshop Manny treat citizens and the mayor is particularly common, so that the works have enough tools. If all the inhabitants of the cartoon Rock Hills participate in the construction of the plot, the game Handy Manny for free pay attention more than the protagonist and his intelligent assistants. Since the toys will be meeting with all the characters will be well acquainted with them.

Welcome to the Rock Hills

First, let's see which of the people living and working in the town and koogo of the characters can be seen playing in the game Handy Manny online.

  • – Manny manages the shop with the help of live instruments;
  • Kelli owns a shop with building materials. Manny her frequent visitor, but as a boy she likes, the purchase of new materials for it sometimes just an excuse to see the mistress of places;
  • Lev (Leonard) – bumbling shopkeeper scattered with sweets. His name perfectly describes him;
  • – German shoe store manager;
  • Missis – Portillo runs a bakery;
  • Roza – Mayor Rokhilz, often resorts to the help of Manny,
  • Dedulya – living outside the city 's favorite grandfather of the protagonist.

Handy Manny games online course, the people of the town played an important role, because without them would not get the story. Who would Manny repaired all who needs to have his unique helpers? But the audience with a special interest in watching the live instruments, and if the game Handy Manny play for free, you will know that they, along with the boy are the protagonists of adventures.

  • Saw Zipper;
  • Sheepish bungler hammer Tuk;
  • Bratya screwdriver: Krutik and Vertical. They are different not only for its intended purpose, but also character. Krutik always arguing and prophesy in trouble, and when they occur, glad of it;
  • Pokryty rust Rzhavik wrench –;
  • Gaykovert Zhuzhzhik;
  • Pylesos – Chih, who suffers from an allergy to wood dust;
  • Gnezdovye keys with short names: Tix and Toots;
  • Osnaschenny laser pointer, and floating ball level Luchik

Nachinaem masterit

Handy Manny games online Games Online Handy Manny will teach you the tricks of a boy and his friends with unusual instruments.

  • Fonarik Spark;
  • Ploskogubtsy Dergunchik;
  • Drel Sverlik;
  • Ruletka Steering, which measures everything with his tongue;
  • Ostrogubtsy Tweezer;
  • Sobrannaya own Manny Screw – dog can not talk, but madly in love to play;
  • Gaechnye keys: Lily, Junior, Lefty,
  • Shkaf with Roland instruments;

They have opened a special school, where there are few jobs where you have to use different tools. Just choose the right, you will cope with the task.


Having acquired the skills, you can take on serious work, for example, to repair the machine. The mayor trusts you to your car, and it should lead to a working state. And once you instructed to assemble a race car, but it is very responsible.

Even Manny help find his lost friends, who accidentally dropped during transport, and now are scattered on the road. – Motorcycle rapid transport, and on it you will quickly cope with the mission. Fun tool, too, can do. They offer you to compose music, to help organize a celebration in honor of the birthday of Manny, and go to the carnival. While trying to hammer Knock yourself on the unit power, Tweezer riding a bull at a rodeo. Other versions of the game Handy Manny offer coloring, dress up, find the numbers.

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