Rocket Monkeys games

Rocket Monkeys games

It just seems that restless monkeys copy humans. Free online games Cosmo Monkey show them to others. Heroes is quite independent and are controlled by different mechanisms. Perhaps the beginning is difficult, but united, they will find a solution. To help them, start to play with them, and you will fall into the maelstrom of exciting events. Help them to organize the work of the space of the restaurant, serving stray guests; Save Star chickens, flying on his ship; overtaking in racing insidious gorillas, who are trying to hinder you.
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Monkey Games Cosmo lit

Studio Canada Atomic Cartoons and Entertainment Breakthrough removed funny animated series, which is now available on the Game Cosmo Monkey.
The main characters are the restless monkey, too curious and nimble to apply to work responsibly. But they try, and something even impossible. If you do not have enough knowledge to help logic, luck and assistant robot.
From any scrape necessarily yield there, even if the situation seems insurmountable. No wonder they monkey – -witted and agile creatures.

Meeting with actors playing the Monkey Cosmo

Rocket Monkeys games Heroes in the plot a bit, and all of them are involved in the game Cosmo Monkey.

  • – Wally it is difficult to break away from the game console, but if there is a risk to the universe, it will make a huge effort, but keep itself apart from toys. He knows how to make friends and help.
  • – Goose captain, and feels responsibility to the crew, although restrained for a long time it is difficult to bear, an –, and he has already turned the bare ass. Always optimistic looking ahead, trying to be a hero, but to save the world of failure simply pursue.
  • Doctor Chimpski – majoring astrophysicist at positions – Head of monkeys. Do not lose hope to organize a slave, even though it seems impossible. Always find what to do with space- monkeys so that they are not messing around.  
  • Mini robot Honest Okay 1 – him all hope of monkeys, if something needs to be repaired. Without it, the technique has long ceased to work, but... Maybe the opposite is true, if you look like refrigerators, cars and commercial shredders are scattered on the details. Once it became clear that he was the son of the destroyer of planets.
  • – Chernilik octopus with a fine organization of the soul. She loves to draw and communicate through images, drawn in ink. He does not have a specific role in the team, but to spend time with him like monkeys.
  • Lord Peel – Monkey love him, even though it is negative hero.
  • – Martyzla with purple hair monkey - gang who idolized Wally and Gus.

Games, dedicated to space- monkey

Rocket Monkeys games Rocket Monkeys games Oh, let's ride! – so could shout characters chasing race with gorillas in space. Great apes have challenged our kids, and it is impossible to give up the competition. After the start, do not clash with meteorites and fireballs. If this happens, first-aid cure, caught in the sky.
Cosmo Monkey Games, a new possibility to perform the feat. chickens ship exploded and ejected into space. Cosmo - monkey rushed to the rescue, and tied a rope to the ship, one of them is flying among the stars, collecting victims.
Still they visited the idea to make money, and they do the cooking during the game Cosmo Monkey. Learn to cook, they have opened a restaurant, and visitors from all over the galaxy to drop him to eat. The fame of good food quickly shattered, and guests getting bigger. We have to work quicker and accurately fulfill orders, to support the institution 's reputation. While distracted
Monkey business in space there is a new threat of invasion of pirates and – cluster of meteorites. Removing the apron and washed his hands of the test, the heroes sat down at the desk and went to fulfill the mission. Shoot enemies and foreign objects, collecting bananas and bonuses for quick and successful overcoming of the space during the game Cosmo Monkey.
Tired of the event speakers, you can set the blocks in the image. The process resembles a puzzle, but the elements are square, and visible image that should be collected. Look for picture element on the squares, and change them to the appropriate place in the picture.

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