Restaurant games

Restaurant games

In the service sector are many destinations that are displayed on computer toys. Our virtual business opens free online game Restaurant, and while you play, get an idea about its features. Even if it is a simple MakDonaldc rather than fine-dining restaurant, will have to work with the computation of forces: take order, prepare it, to submit to the visitor, get him to pay and remove debris from the table and the floor to other customers was nice to be in the room. And making a profit, buy the necessary equipment and accessories.

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Restaurant games Restaurant games Bon appetit!

Work virtual restaurant requires constant attention of the gamer. When customers come, they should not be forced to wait a long time, and is immediately take the free table and file menu. When they make an order, it is necessary to immediately start preparing as soon as possible dishes have to be in front of visitors. In the restaurant games, customers have the scale of tolerance, and the longer they languish in waiting, the less it becomes. If the visitor's patience ends, it just leaves the institution, and a gamer loses profit. Such games allow you to keep the restaurant free of charge, providing the player with all the necessary resources for cooking and service people. But, as in the real world, they have the task of daily earnings, which is to be performed in games to advance to new rounds. The profit gained most invested in the development of the restaurant – in a special store to buy new tables, put additional equipment to improve the performance of staff, hire new employees.

      Learn to manage the institution, playing games Restaurant

Restaurant games There are games in which you are doing the work of chef in the kitchen. This work also requires quickness in action. Even if cooking does not need to perform additional procedures, can not delay the implementation of the order and will be better if you are on a special table to prepare some of the most popular dishes to promptly refer them hungry visitors. Often, games for girls offer a restaurant with a kitchen, where each dish must be prepared from individual ingredients. If you want, for example, make a dessert, you need to consistently put in a saucer few balls of ice cream with a different flavor, decorate them with pieces of fruit, nuts, chocolate chips heap. When all actions are performed quickly and accurately, the client will be very pleased with the culinary masterpiece and a full reward you deserve a tip. Not all free games classic restaurant management to give:


  • In some can feed the Smurfs cartoon characters  
  • bringing food mushrooms from the game about Mario or marine inhabitants of the movie about Sponge Bob
  • and even lead to a zombie snack bar, giving them all sorts of hideous abominations

The majority of the restaurants virtual copy of the real places of the world:


  • a pizzeria in a football stadium  
  • a tray with hot dogs on a crowded street  
  • in a cozy coffee shop Park

Such games are cafes and restaurants offer different levels. This can be a simple eatery, which is important only speed cooking, dining room, which serves more than elaborate dishes like home-cooked food, and even gourmet restaurants, where customers expect special services and unique quality treats.

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