Justin Time games

Justin Time games

If you want a life full of experiences, take the example of the hero Online Game Justin. The boy is only six years old, but he did not succumb to the difficulties that can not occur if the same are looking for adventure. Justin was invited to play for free, promising a sea of ​​emotions. Squeegee everywhere accompanies the hero, and on their way, they often meet Olivia. In their travels they visited the country of the Aztecs, Mayas mask will be looking for in Italy can taste meatballs that you first need to catch. Repeatedly have to deal with butterflies - kidnap them, to catch in flight.
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Game Justin Time with World fantasy

Justin Time games strength of a child's imagination surprises. It is so strong that it is able to tear the child from reality, and move in any dimension, time and place. You do not need any machine, amulets and other devices. Enough fantasy, to be far from reality. About this boy tells the Canadian animated series"The World of Justin." He's a great storyteller, and at any moment can turn into a prince, knight, brave traveler, excellent chef and any other person. He is no stranger to adventure, and he knows what is required to be difficulties, of which he would choose, because it is accompanied by a small one. Also, in any place where he is, he meets Olivia, to tell about the country in which he found himself a boy, about animals and other things.
The plot of the series is very informative for the children's audience, and the manner in which it is presented, perfectly entertains the kids. Using the wonderful idea of an innovative product, created the game Justin Time, which will give a new adventure.

Who will go, playing the game Justin Time

Predstavlyaem you chorus trio of heroes, the company that any difficulties will be on the shoulder.

  • – cheerleader and traveler history. He was 6.5 years and his imagination so developed that allows to move not only in space but even in time. He values ​​friendship and love to learn new things, and therefore with interest listens to what he says Olivia girlfriend.
  • Squeegee
  • – soft pet Justin accompanies him everywhere. He crumb, and can change shape if the circumstances require. Kind, curious and loves the boy, as is clearly seen in the moments of the game Justin Time. any journey more interesting with it. The only drawback – hates snakes.
  • – Olivia omnipresent friend Justin. She was always there, where the power of imagination hero goes to meet him in a new outfit and hairdo, on the other, according to place and time. She knows everything and she encyclopedia ready to tell Justin the country's history, its flora and fauna, the traditions of the people.  

Game Adventures

Justin Time games Justin Time games Heroes tempered in constant travels and adventures, and are not afraid of difficulties, if such arise. Justin and squeegee are always together, and even if you manage a boy, his friend should be there. Smile, it's the game Justin Time, where there is no place for despondency.
entertained be rapidly and recklessly, because the characters you have prepared many exciting destinations.

  • Priklyucheniya
  • Kulinariya
  • Gonki
  • Brodilki
  • Catching objects

S Olivia girls will be engaged in cooking during the game Justin Time. Once in Italy – beautiful and sunny country, she will learn to cook a pizza, but if you join the process, too, will learn the recipe of traditional Italian dishes, to win the love of the world.
On the girl also will be removed for her album animals and to match the environment, it is necessary to choose the outfit, traditional for each country. Friends visit China, will be introduced to the mysterious culture of the Aztecs and Mayans.
during the game Justin Time appears that the squeegee loves butterflies. For them he is ready to race everywhere, catching unusual net, inflating bubbles. Seeing a flock of butterflies, he inflates a new bubble, and the butterfly falls into it, bringing the hero of game points. When he saw that the evil dog captured the most beautiful moths, I decided to save them. It is necessary to wait until the dog slumber, and only then release the captives. Once you are waiting for an adventure in the jungle, where you have to collect gold coins.

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