Games Train Dinosaurs

Games Train Dinosaurs

Fans of prehistoric reptiles are invited to play Dinosaur online games to play for free. Meet the baby Buddy - a tyrannosaur in nature, but very kind and curious by nature. He was adopted by the Pteranodons, flying dinosaurs, and traveling with him through the train through time. You are waiting for coloring, scenes with kisses, races and flights. In order to accomplish the mission, put three figures in a row, and for memory training, look for identical cards. Learn about the world of dinosaurs with Buddy traveler, substituting in the cells with the contours of the dinosaurs, which you will see on the field.
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Games Dinosaur Train for the most inquisitive

Games Train Dinosaurs Games Train Dinosaurs In 2003 came out an American animated series about dinosaurs for the youngest audience. In 2013 it was broadcast by Karusel TV channel, and the Dinosaur Train games were immediately created for it free of charge.

For kids, this is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the animal world of the prehistoric period, when the earth was inhabited by giant lizards. Instead of small birds, large pterodactyls soared in the sky, plesiosaurs swam in the seas, and on earth the tyrannosaur was considered the largest. The kids will get acquainted with the baby Tyrannosaurus Buddy, who was raised by the Pteranodon family, where he came by accident. New parents had their own offspring, but they could not leave Buddy to the mercy of fate, and took custody.

The new family member was inquisitive, and wanted to learn more about the world of dinosaurs, their types and habits. He learned about the time-traveling train and became its passenger. He learned a lot from the conductor when he met him, as well as from other passengers of various kinds. The train has cars adapted for waterfowl dinosaurs and with long necks, and the stops were made in different eras and habitat. Adhering to the idea of ​​a cartoon, game products are created, and kids will enjoy the games Dinosaur Train to play.

Dating with heroes

  • Buddy the leading character of the game online Dinosaur train with orange color, which fell into the family of flying dinosaurs while still being an egg. This is a curious why-who wants to know about the world of large lizards. Since he does not know how to fly, his family moves with him on the ground, but sometimes they have to hold his paws in order to fly over impassable areas or show Buddy the world from a height. He has sharp eyesight, and he helps the family find fish places.
  • Taini is the youngest daughter of the Pteranodon family who adopted Buddy. She looks like a mom and has a green color. He likes to rhyme, and when he meets with a new dinosaur, he introduces himself and the rest of the family.
  • Shines are turquoise. She adores shiny objects and role-playing games.
  • Don brother Shiney and Tiny. He is engaged in collecting, likes to dig holes, dancing and observing insects. Big chin reminds her grandfather.
  • Mrs. and Mr. Pteranodona parents Tiny, Don, Shiny and Buddy. Mother is a great teacher and guide. Father family coach and mentor.
  • Conductor Troodon, which controls the train of dinosaurs. Wears a uniform of red vest and caps, hiding his feathers. He made friends with Buddy, and tells him instructive stories about the world of dinosaurs.

Useful and funny plots of the game Dinosaur Train

Games Train Dinosaurs Train Dinosaur games online for free are presented to all tastes, and you can:

  • Fold puzzles and tag
  • Paint the pictures
  • Part racing
  • Find fragments
  • Fold "three in a row"
  • Find the same image
  • Fly

The game series often resemble animated series, and in one of them one of the Pteradons must be helped to transfer the Buddy in flight. So that he does not catch the crowns of trees, lift him higher, directing the character with the mouse. Sometimes two characters from the family are connected to the process, helping the tyrannosaur to collect a collection of shells, and in this case it is necessary not to drop it into the abyss and not hit the stone or the prickly bush.
Dinosaur Train Games to play for free informative they will teach to recognize the species of dinosaurs. Choose from the presented characters that correspond to the contours in the center of the field. It is only necessary to be observant, and not to rush into choice. If you correctly called the next representative, get ready for a new task.

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