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Subway Surfers Games

You will enjoy playing free online Subway Surfers games, where the main role belongs to the young Jake. This tomboy brought the railroad superintendent with his antics. The fact is that Jake loves graffiti, and he likes to paint gray walls and train cars. It seems to him that it will be much more pleasant for passengers to ride in them, but the stationmaster does not need this at all. When you control a boy on a skateboard, have time to get away from the chase, collect coins and splash colored jets from a spray can. After collecting more coins, buy a jet skateboard and a new bag.

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SUBWAY SURFERS SUBWAY SURFERS Subway Surfers Games: Go Forward!

The heroes of the Subway Surfers games are desperate teenagers who enter the territory of the railway depot to apply graffiti drawings to the cars. But this disgrace is noticed by a policeman who starts chasing the guys. You control one of the teenagers and help him get away from the policeman. It's not easy, and your hero should not linger: after all, not only a cop is chasing him, but also an angry dog, capable of picking up quite a lot of speed. If you play Subway Surfers games online on your computer, you will run throughout the game, dodging dangers and collecting bonus coins. Collisions with obstacles, for example, with a train, can knock the hero down.

The game has several parallel paths that a teenager can run on. Sometimes all of them are free, and a hero can choose anyone. And sometimes trains go towards him, and you need to run between the rails so that the escape does not end in an accident. The guy can climb onto the roofs of the cars and then just jump from one train to another. Often there are barriers on the rails, and there is no way to turn either to the right or to the left - in this case, you have to jump over the barrier or slip under it. Additional devices, that are bought for the collected coins or picked up while running, help to pick up speed.

SUBWAY SURFERS Pleasant bonuses of the Subway Surfers games

For example, there are hoverboards - fantastic devices similar to skateboards, but without wheels, flying a little distance from the ground. With such boards, you can race over rails and wagons without problems. In addition, the game is available:

  • jetpacks that allow you to fly with tremendous acceleration
  • super boots that increase running speed 

There will also be useful special items to increase the collection of coins. For example, a magnet attracts even those bonuses that are at a distance. In Subway Surfers games, you can play multiple characters. The main ones here are the guy Jake, as well as his friends - Tricky and Fresh. Other guys open only after collecting a certain number of bonuses. Initially, this game was released for devices with the Android operating system, but then there were versions for other platforms. Now the Subway Surfers games allow almost anyone to play online for free. In addition to the main version of the game, the developers have released several additions. For example, the Halloween version introduced a new character - Zombie Jake. Also created a series of "World Tour", in which the guys travel to different cities, running away from the police in:

  • New York
  • Sydney
  • Rome
  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • London
  • Iceland
  • Sao Paulo
  • Barcelona
  • Poki
  • Mexico
  • Las Vegas etc.

Unique characters are also added here, like the Italian guy Roberto or the Australian surfer girl Kim. We invite you to play the Subway Surfers online on our game-game portal!

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