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Dead Paradise games

The once beautiful city has become after a nuclear explosion hazardous wasteland. There is no longer the law, and established control over the surviving gang of bandits. You have to meet them, and if their demands do not agree, prepare for battle. To do this, free to play online game Dead Paradise, driving armed SUV. So far, there are small earthquakes, crumbling bridges and buildings, and therefore the machine you need a strong and desirable bulletproof. But to strengthen the armor can be passed after the levels on the points earned, and is ready for a mission.
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Game Dead Paradise: the world after the crash

Progress, opening – all is fine to a certain time. But we must not forget that it pollutes the environment, and separates us from nature. If you deprive people of the benefits of civilization, many will die because they do not manage to get food, water, warm clothes. And if there is a technological catastrophe, humanity will be deprived of the slightest chance of saving – water, land and air will be so polluted that they can not become used.
Plot of the game Dead Paradise was built on this idea. People spend an average day, enjoying warm days, walking the coast, riding on boats, playing with a ball. Suddenly in the center of the city has grown mushroom cloud, and in a moment the shock wave destroyed buildings, destroyed beautiful trees, killed millions of people. We survived one, and soon began to form a gang of marauders. Among them was found, and a leader who realized that it was time to take control of remaining resources, and run the show, dictating their terms to the others.


Virtual apocalypse

Everywhere you look, there are dilapidated buildings, bridges torn up and remind the ruined Monster. In the dead city was a rumor that found the safety zone, and to gather the survivors after the explosion. Strengthen your vehicle armor, and look for a free, safe way to the goal.
is inevitable meeting with the bandits, and you will constantly chase, trying to stop in any way during the game Dead Paradise. Gunshot shootout will become the norm, and it is important to pick up bonus items to replenish the cash account, restock food, fuel and weapons.
During the game Dead Paradise 3 Your machine must be a real armored monster that can withstand the explosive shells. Otherwise, you do not deliver unharmed scientists in an underground secret lab to find a cure for a terrible disease, which appeared after the explosion.
There was a slim chance that there will be saved, and humanity will be reborn again. To clothes are not extinguished, be brave, responsible, assertive, and go to the purpose.
Even the plot of the game Dead Heaven 2 gave people hope for salvation when there is information that the safest thing in the desert, namely – Zone -51. This secret base, which finds hidden extraterrestrial origin. Government has long denied the existence of such a database, but the time went unsaid, but the time has come to unite for the sake of survival.

  • Manage arrows and space shoot
  • Destroy the enemies before they are straightened with vami
  • Sobirayte ammunition and other predmety
  • Sovershenstvuyte your avtomobil
  • Vypolnyayte job, moving to tseli

Ne still poteryano

Zapuskaya free game Dead Paradise, you continue to explore the shattered world by finding it again, adapting to the conditions. There are new values, aspirations and dreams. Against the background of present-day life of the past seems trivial, some toy, unreal.
In the first three parts of you are approaching core mission, the fourth series of invites to play the game Dead Paradise in a completely new light. Life is getting better again, and have already been built underground bunkers, recovered energy even started production.
Yet confrontation is still there, and you are again instructed to deliver to the lab rare materials, without which it is impossible to restore the level of health and full of life. Now we are not acting against the chaotic bands and well-armed enemy army, programmed robots, massive armored personnel carriers.

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