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Vex games

Hero online game Vex familiar to fans of parkour. This is your stikmen longtime friend, and now his concern - to survive in terrible conditions. You will be free to play, accompanying the character in the missions where he climbs up walls, jump spikes, trying to dodge the traps, swims or flies certain areas. Each step may be the last, if you linger. Playing, you are creating a fascinating show with stunts, passing between the marked points on the route. When you pass all be able to get to the next stage, which will be even steeper in terms of the danger of new tests.
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Parkour dangerous side of life

Vex games Surely you know such a direction as parkour. This skill without the use of auxiliary objects to climb on any surface, to overcome obstacles and height. People have turned this movement to a lifestyle philosophy. There is no place for a show for the public, but only to the surrounding environment.
Who is engaged in parkour for a long time, firmly learned the truth, that we should believe in themselves and throw fear into motion. Long workout reveal the hidden potential of the human and he stops to think about every movement, everything happens naturally as breathing. But it is impossible to weaken vigilance and to underestimate the danger of parkour classes. If gape, loosen the grip and make the wrong move, you can fall from a great height.

Igry Vex: safe risk

V virtual world for a long time out of Parkour serious simulations and mini games with fast passage. But the size and fun platform have little effect on the complexity of the passage. Vex Games are a great example of that flash products are worthy of respect, and not everyone is able to go through all the steps with hand drawn little man, without dying. Moreover, we promise that you will die often, and for counting the deaths of your special meter is installed. Death, however, the screen will not make you a real injury, and you can always replay the episode failed again. If we generalize, than to be engaged during the game Vex, it can be reduced to several points:

  • Bluzhdat labyrinths urovnya
  • Izbegat lovushek
  • Karabkatsya the steep steny
  • Primenyat different taktiku
  • Delat tryuki

Dorogami prohozhdeniya

Vex games Vex games hand-drawn graphics is visually makes a simple toy. Such false impression passes quickly, it is necessary to start the process of the game Vex. The hero must jump from block to block, climb the wall, bend down or bounce when in danger. If it is impossible to go through a rough patch, better to ignore it, to find a new path.
Sometimes, the passage reminds solid acrobatic trick, when you do not do without a flip, stretch marks on the string, balancing on the edge of a precipice. And do not forget that the passage can not tighten it set aside a certain time.
The different series of the game Vex provided their job, for example, to pass a line and mark on each item. After visiting them, the flags change color from red to green. You can change some settings, and if you so easily, change the force of gravity with weak blue to a strong red. This will lead to the fact that the weak gravity hero can perform high jumps and weak will be limited in his movements.
Choosing the style of travel, consider the dangerous areas that await you at every step: rotating saws, flying gear, and then spikes favorite topic they are found everywhere and in especially large amounts, can stick out of the walls, falling from above, carpet floor.
complicates not only the levels of each game Vex, but they themselves throw new series of treacherous traps. In the third part you'll see the mobile units, which can serve as a lift for lifting to the next height, and can knock down the hero, if he could not get over the wall.
It is not easy to move inside the maze and without reliable support. It is necessary to contrive, and to do the impossible, to climb the smooth high tunnel and reach the next level. If passed this difficult section, be sure to keep in check box next to in the event of the death of a character to start with the passage of this moment.

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