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Game Vex 3

Vex 3

Life is beautiful when you are young and full of energy, like our hero in Vex 3 online. He has no fear and doubt, any heights and buildings obey him and his dexterity. He loves extreme sports, but the usual races in the city no longer bring him the pleasure that he used to, so he decided to go through a more dangerous task - the test of death. The labyrinth he finds himself in is filled with deadly traps. You can overcome the sharp spikes by jumping, but they must be extremely accurate, since the slightest touch will be fatal, and you will find yourself at the beginning of the level. Moving platforms will allow you to move vertically, and you can climb walls by pushing off them and doing somersaults. Think over several steps at once so that your progress forward is as effective as possible. The dexterity of the character directly depends on you, because you will control his every movement using the arrows on the screen. Be careful and you will help the hero overcome all difficulties in Vex 3 play.
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