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Money movers games

Start playing free online games Nimble thieves, if not afraid to be in the dungeons. The prison - not a pleasant place, and one can understand the desire of its inhabitants to flee, and if you can grab a couple of bags of money, so it's wonderful! This also involved a pair of robbers, who once got into the dark dungeons, and now developed an escape plan and implement it. They face different problems - do not have access to certain corridors, locked levels, obstacles. Two characters not in vain so different, and their physical data used in the process of escaping from prison.
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Games Money movers games: looking for a way to freedom

Money movers games If you choose the profession of a thief, you should be ready for prison. One robber luck will change, and he still gets behind the bars, so is it worth starting a dubious career? In places not so remote there were also heroes of the game Nimble thieves, but freedom they have left unfinished a small business, and they tend to break out of prison.
To crank like, need a partner, and someone on the other side of a torture chamber. And so it was – in front of you three swashbuckling brigands, who have developed a plan to escape, and you are the one who will help them to realize our plans. Become an accomplice of a small gang, and help the little man and the Fortress prison to overcome all the traps, leaving unfriendly establishment.

Freedom at your fingertips

The game Nimble thieves more interesting to play together as a toy involves two gamers. But it is not a problem if you have no one to support the – fun and you can control one, alternately moving each character. Heroes have come to the rescue of each other where it is necessary to overcome obstacles, to get high -hanging bag of money.
Cash deposits in prison seem unrealistic, but suppose they put her back to freedom by bribing guards. If you understand why it is needed, there will be new questions and doubts, so let's just accept the fact that in our prisons money at the corners – common.
To get out of prison, you have to pass a lot of levels, each collect currency, and go through the door. The first levels serve as a warm-up, and perform the job will be quite easy, but more will most tasty.

  • Collect the bags of money
  • Peremeshaytes Platform
  • Zadeystvuyte mehanizmy
  • Pokidayte level through the door after all zadaniy

Glavnoe – vzaimovyruchka

Money movers games Money movers games Boys Game Nimble thieves knowingly look so different. One easy, agile, jumpy. Second – pumped heavyweight. Small character anywhere easily jumps, and he assigned a responsible role – reap all the buttons and levers.
He jumps to the next platform, presses the button and hold it, you run the elevator, which descends to the partner 's feet. He gets it, and releases the small button and lift accomplice picks up where he calmly picks up the precious bag. heroes can not switch roles, as the button is definitely too high for a bully, and he can not jump back, or in a very narrow space, and there are not the big man protisnetsya.
Often during the game Nimble thieves characters have become the head at each other, to overcome the high wall. Initial levels contain a hint on this occasion – posters in places where, and who is to climb to the head partner.
Still to avoid lasers, which patrol the area. This handy device as protection – saves on staff, but not always effective if the offender working professional who knows the techniques of management tricks.
Game Nimble thieves abound in different puzzles, and you have to look for ways to go, open floors, moving boxes, furniture used for their own purposes, to avoid the surveillance. Sometimes you just lie low until the laser beam will not pass, and still resist the temptation to release another prisoner. A moment of weakness may spoil the whole game and destroy the escape plan, which lined up for so long.
In your hands the successful completion of the case. Help the heroes escape from prison during the game Nimble thieves, taking with him a couple of hefty bags of money to get a free comfortably.

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