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Bob The Robber Games

The hero of the Bob the Robber game got used to the role of Robin Hood so much that he decided to follow in his footsteps. Start playing these adventures for free and complete all game series. Not only will you see Bob working in his new career, but you will become an accomplice. He breaks into banks, casinos, jewelry stores, and other profitable buildings, opens safes, and takes out bags of cash. Help him avoid meeting with security, alarms, and video cameras. Go through the corridors and stairs between the rooms, and if necessary, return to them again until you are sure that you have cleared all the money.

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Naughty Bob the Robber Games

Bob The RobberStealing and cheating are wrong. This statement is an axiom that every child learns in infancy. But growing up, not everyone adheres to the golden rule. Those who break this law end up either in prison or on top of the financial pyramid, representing the wealthy elite of society. Life is strange and not always fair. Misdemeanors often go unpunished, and good guys pay for the sins of others.

In order to somehow remedy the situation, little Bob decided to follow in the footsteps of Robin Hood, a robber from Sherwood Forest. He, with his gang, attacked the carriages of the rich, robbed them, and distributed the booty to the poor. After reading stories about the altruist outlaw, Bob began to feed the homeless by stealing sausages from greedy vendors.

Since all the characters have costumes, Bob first made himself an eye mask and later got a green hat and a striped suit. Bob the Robber 1 will tell you about all the young thief's adventures. And we recommend starting from the first part to follow in the hero's footsteps from the origins to the latest events.

Following the trail of the crime

The playing area looks very comfortable. It is a building with cutaway rooms. You can see each room as if the wall has become transparent, and you can observe all corners of the house. Bob pays a courtesy visit to banks, jewelry stores, casinos, and other organizations, where there is something to profit from. In Bob's opinion, the people in these buildings are dealing with a lot of money that people who have managed to earn it dishonestly bring to them, and such money should be seized and returned to the poor. If the hero only gets a taste in the first part, the plot of the Bob the Robber 2 puts him before a specific task - to help people survive the epidemic. A certain laboratory created a dangerous virus and let it off the street, infecting people. Only a vaccine can cure, which the same company has prudently developed to sell it dearly and enrich itself on the created problem.

Bob The Robber Bob The Robber Upon learning of this, Bob was furious and decided to break into the laboratory to steal the medicine and distribute it to the sicks gift.

  • Explore every room, and sometimes multiple times
  • Solve tasks
  • Avoid traps, video cameras, and guards
  • Open safes
  • Pick up items
  • Accumulate a cash account
  • Stick to the allotted time

The task the hero faced was too serious, and it would not be possible to fulfill the plan right away. Too many secrets, guards, and confusing documents. What could not be done in the second part is to be completed during the Bob the Robber 3.

On the map, you will see buildings you need to get into, but once in each, you will spend a lot of time in it until you complete all the required activities. This takes time, and caution, so as not to run into the guards. These servicemen are not distinguished by an eagerness to work and periodically fall asleep. The timer shows the time until they wake up, which helps Bob to control his movements.

Living on the edge of the law

The scenario of Bob the Robber 6 marked the beginning of an amazing story that became successful and continued. Many levels and the hero's adventures series will be remembered for dynamics, mischief, and an interesting plot. After completing the last chapter, you will want to return to the roots and play Bob the Robber free games more than once. Although Bob's chosen path to restore justice is not the most legal, but very romantic from the point of view of the game. It's time to start playing. Have a rich booty!

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