Level Editor games

Level Editor games

Stikmen little man is back in business, and invites free to play online game Level Editor. Along with the hero is necessary to include the logic in order to successfully wade through the levels with obstacles. At this time you can establish itself as a platform to get to the next hill. Some platforms are stationary, others go up or hover horizontally ground, while others crumble to dust after five seconds. It is necessary to have time to collect coins and stars, run the levers, and not to fall under the thorn thorns. After finishing all the cases at this stage, go through the door to the next.
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Igry Level Editor: walk, build, break, and sobiraem

Level Editor games Genre logical brodilok toys so large that it is difficult to notice the emergence of something new. Newcomers fun to be super cool to have noticed her and loved. To do this, it must have an interesting plot, ease of management, have a flavor that distinguishes it from the rest of the game offers. Game Level Editor is exactly these qualities, and therefore takes pride of place in our category.
You will need all the logic of the game Level Editor to undergo intricate levels with the hero. Among the tasks moments familiar and new:

Vstrechaem hero game urovney


Osnovnym and the only current character of the game Level Editor is our friend stikmen cartoon man, having the form of rods with a head-ball.

  • Issleduem prostranstvo
  • Perebiraemsya on different platforms vysoty
  • Menyaem landscape accessible sredstvami
  • Sobiraem monetki
  • Staraemsya not get into nepriyatnosti
  • Otkryvaem keys zamki
  • Ostaemsya alive, and hiking through the door to a new gaming etapu


Wearing a red cap, he settled in this toy, and now takes us on an adventure around the world, consisting of mazes.
The heroism of the character can not refuse for the sake of illusory, obscure purpose, he pushed forward, and seemed pleased when he falls more difficulty. It is easy to risk their lives, and if you have to die in a collision with poisonous thorns tumbleweed, it is reborn again, ready to replay the scene as many times until you find an opportunity to slip further.

Pryg-gallop between urovnyami

Level Editor games Level Editor games stikmen to move, manage their arrows, and clicks the mouse, place the platform at selected locations or destroy the wall. At each site a character finds a coin, stars, keys and bonus boxes that transform into a platform. Collecting platform, at some point, use them to lift, move between the benches or as a stepping stone. Some of them remain hanging after use, while others are scattered in five seconds, so you can not procrastinate, indulging in doubts and reflections.
are in the process of the game Level Editor and bombs to change the landscape dramatically. Agree it's a great deal, which gives originality toy. If competitors are moving in the space created for them, without the right to change something, then there is a completely novel approach, where stikmen practically builds his own world. But so that the player is not relaxed, yet there is a limitation on the use of platforms and bombs.
During the game Level Editor you will see that the complexity increases rapidly. There are more partitions on the site elevations and depressions, which are difficult to reach. Doors, in which you have to pass to go to further levels, are in places where there is almost impossible.
Soon, you'll meet spikes that do not attack, but the patrol separate section, rolling on it. Hero in contact with spikes die, but if it is quick and agile, able to jump over the barbed wire of times or in some cases more, while she does not fall into the abyss or not stikmen jumps to a safe distance.
Playing the game Level Editor, you perfectly spend leisure time, developing the responsiveness, intelligence and logic. series of games is always interesting, even if the time to play it more than once. But if multiple passes you hone personal skills, like a pumped himself as the hero of computer virtual adventure.

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