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Super Julio games

Hurry for free play fun rpg - games Super Giulio Online. With a brave lion cub go on an adventure, fight enemies, collect bonuses and coins in boxes scattered everywhere. To defeat the monster, it is necessary to jump, perhaps several times, but it always works. For each destroyed enemy you will get legitimate points, accumulating a game account. Bonuses are a lion cub in the passage of good help, transformed into a weapon - throwing snowballs or allowing it to jump higher. Each series is developing a new scenario, in order to inspire you in the next campaign.
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Game Super Julio: adventure cub

Super Julio games Super Julio games virtual world is developing, creating new trends, genres and utilizing the latest technology for gaming products, but will never forget the good old direction, which rose several directions. Parents of today's gamers would not agree to part with the platforming of Super Mario, who still captivates with its adventures. The brave plumber became a role model, and the same principle of governance are other toys, including the game Super Julio.
In this story, you will meet with a bold and purposeful lion cub Julio, who took over the style of Mario pass the location. Throughout the different parts of the game Super Julio hero performs different tasks, always being cheerful, clever and quick-witted.

The road does not expect

Hurry Giulio can not sit still, and he would wait until you join him in the upcoming journey. He still does not know what he would do in a way, but not exactly going to be bored.
Hero correctly assumed that he was waiting for tests during the game Super Julio. As soon as the cub away from home, he discovered that all around the world is not as quiet and safe, he thought. It is inhabited by various monsters, and an aggressive mood. If nothing is done, they cause irreparable harm to our hero – simply take away his life.
You do not just accompany the cub, and to help him deal with all the terrible creatures around, playing games Super Julio. Use natural leaping ability character and collect coins scattered in space. They are grouped into a few coins on the platforms, and you need to get there in order to fill up the game account production. But be wary of meeting with dangerous monsters, and shoot them to destroy, for this you will earn points too.

Even more amazing adventures

Super Julio games If successfully coped with all the tasks of the first part of the game Super Julio, get ready for even more terrible ordeal. Halloween has come and all the ghosts have risen from their graves to make a real fun. This walker develops events in the background cemetery. Around the visible mounds of graves with crosses, skulls, bats and soaring spirits. Alive even pumpkins, and with a terrible grin lion attack. But the king of beasts brave heart, and he will not stop the unknown. Hero continues to collect coins and deal with evil spirits, shooting her at close range. In fact, each game comes down to clear actions:

  • Brodim world geroya
  • Sobiraem bonusy
  • Preodolevaem pregrady
  • Unichtozhaem vragov

V third part of the game Super Julio hero Christmas went to the other, so have fun together, but the path was long and difficult. Flying up in his trademark swivel jump, a character from knocks coin boxes and glasses, do not forget to deal with enemies who are now missing around. On the need to jump on top of enemies or throw snowballs at him, and then the path will be free.
Adventure lion spread to the study of other planets. He wanders through a strange land, collecting crystals for research. On planets discovered inhospitable life, which is necessary to understand the familiar way.
Now that you have gone through a lot of earth roads, flying in space, explore it and gain experience, it is time to remember that there was last uncharted territory – underground. There are many useful resources and terrible enemies, so, get ready to discover new horizons with a lion Giulio, and walk the path strewn with dangers again.

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