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In his fantasies you just went to the adventure, performing heroic deeds. Meet the purple hero who has become a leading character in the online game Dragon Hopi. He fearlessly opposed the pirates and the evil wizard, ready to inspire players to new achievements, if they will be free to play in the story, which is prepared on our website. Help the hero to defend their right to the throne and the crown away from the evil sorcerer. With this opponent Hopi will not meet again, fighting with him and his army. Exercise also intimidating people and the restaurant business.
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Hopy dragon games nice razvlekayut

Hopy games Such as Dragon Hopi game, suitable for players of all ages, and some subjects are interesting and adult gamers. The lead character in each episode is a purple dragon, although it is more correct to call the dragon because of its ability to spew fire.
Fire Breath hero is able to save his life, and pave the way forward, destroying the most solid walls. If you are ready to test the game Hopi, open vending area:

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  • Priklyucheniya
  • Logicheskie
  • Na obsluzhivanie

Priklyucheniya with Hopy

Odnazhdy wild prehistoric forest of huge eggs hatched dragon baby. He quickly and resolutely get rid of the shell, and began to look at the wonderful world around them. All his surprise, and in my head there was a lot of questions, that's just a number there was no one to answer them.

Prishlos whelps to get out of the egg, and yourself to go hiking in the vast expanses in order to on their own experience to learn its secrets. Game dragon Hopi invites to travel next to the hero, so you can help them solve problems.

Hopy games Since he can not do anything, you have to show him what would happen if you activate the surrounding objects and living creatures. Click on the rock, and he rolled to the side, click the mouse on the beaver, and he peregryzet trunk of the palm. Now, to touch her, and she falls, forming a bridge across the chasm is now left click on Hoppy, that he went through it to the next level and setting.

Kazhdy level contains some small mission, but it is always necessary to think logically, what command to give in this time, to perform an action.
In another test, the hero is already a seasoned traveler, and even willing to take the crown, in order to become king of a small state, but the evil, treacherous sorcerer stole her deception. Without this attribute Hopi can not become king, and before him is a dangerous path to the castle of the enemy to regain a symbol of power. Get ready to overcome the difficulties, without which it can not do, and collect magic crystals along the way.

Stoilo Bobble cope with the sorcerer, stole his crown as he came up with a new trick to prevent the peaceful rule of the new king. With cunning spell sorcerer stole all the fruit in the kingdom, and turned them into their soldiers. Game Hopi adventure begins a new story with adventures in the labyrinth of caves.

Hopy games Here gloomy, damp, and everywhere roam guards sorcerer in the form of ferocious dragons. Support Hopi on the road, helping to collect the scattered heaps of fruit and destroying enemies jumping above to spell them, and also to gather the harvest of vitamins.

S majority of handle simple, but huge Tyrannosaurus does not admit to himself close, dangerously swinging tail. Try to find a hill, climb on it until safely, and then wait a moment and jump on top.

Drugie game napravleniya

Pomimo brodilok game about Hopi offer to help the hero to scare people by resorting to various tricks. They hide from you, but with the help of logic, you will find a way to get to everyone.
Help the Hopi to prove himself as a businessman. He opened several restaurants: hot dogs, pizza, pancakes, burgers. Now he must show that each institution is working at the highest level, and for this service the users, giving them food, in accordance with the order. Act quickly, so that more feed customers and earn tips. The quicker Hopi runs, the better at it all turns out.

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