Baby Seven games

Baby Seven games

The heroine of the game Baby Seven always smiling, because she does not have time to be sad. Begin with her to play for free online, and you will find a lot of exciting activities for each day. With Seven interesting to study mathematics and learning to read, clean room, go fishing, look at pictures of objects and perform logical puzzles. Girl loves their parents, and wants to make them a gift. To help her carry out the job, passing levels. The heroine is studying a profession, celebrating Christmas and loves to dress. Visit her nail salon and shops to choose a new dress for the holiday.
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Igry Baby Seven: virtual podruzhka

Baby Seven games online parents all become easier to educate and develop children. To help them to create such wonderful products like the game Baby Seven. Little gamers much more interesting to study mathematics or decision logic brainteasers when they communicate with the heroine, which is the same age as them.
girls who hold the kids the amazing computer world, no more than seven years, and she has already learned some useful things, which is ready to share with new friends.
never get bored in her company, because it offers a lot of interesting activities during the game Baby Seven:

Uchimsya with Seven

Baby Seven games online Even if you know how to read and know the score, you have to constantly consolidate knowledge repetition.

  • Veseloe chtenie
  • Zabavnaya matematika
  • Tvorcheskie igry
  • Na logic and snorovku
  • Ukrashenie komnaty
  • Odevalki
  • Manikyur


How often to do it, the more fun you start to receive. Mathematics can inspire, if you count the candies. At Seven out of many, and all are different. She came up to separate them by type and count any more. Help her to understand this delicious arithmetic.

Seven enjoyed it so much to believe that it is often this fun. Even a walk in the park turns into a mathematical language, when the wire gets a lot of birds. Each sequence number in the breast, and it is necessary to click on them in accordance with the increase in numbers.

Esche game Baby Seven teach you English, who need to know all the kids to go to school prepared. With the heroine, you will find yourself in a magical castle with a cat, a dog, a monkey, a tiger and a lion. You know them, and now click on each of the beast, and substitute the name of the missing letters. Seven does not like to be wrong, and always cries when out failure. But her smile twice as wide, if the correct letter name.

Now the girl decided to test your logic, suggesting some exercise game Baby Seven. At a party with balloons children entertainment offered by guessing the missing ball. Guess what color is absent in the present series, but I think soon – you just 10 seconds.

At other times it is necessary to correctly place the airplanes, not to be repeated two of the same in each row. Girl almost arranged the toys in the closet, but there were some unfilled shelves and on the floor standing model, ready to take their places.

There is also the task of logic, are invited to indicate which of the animals in the zoo hardest. After each answer, you move on to the next level, even if the wrong answer.

Prodolzhaem razvlekatsya

Baby Seven games online

Nastupil Father's Day, and the Seven decided to make the pope the best gift. But it has to be to win, but it can be done, if you find the picture all masked letters. Help the heroine to the task that it has pleased the Pope. My mother, too, will not remain without a gift, but here need your help.
Soon Christmas, Baby Seven games do not forget to include this topic and the heading. With the girl gather in the street all the decorations and gifts, and then pick up a nice outfit, Seven to remember this holiday forever.

summer heroine also have your favorite entertainment, such as fishing. Should the sun to warm the lake, as a girl with a fishing rod and bucket are already on the beach. That's only in the water in addition to the fish swims a lot of garbage that you just do not need. Try not to hang it on the hook, so as not to upset Seven.
Still do not forget to visit the nail salon, and do all the necessary manipulations to steel nails beautiful with her shiny. To cover their beautiful polish, and the girl will be so happy.

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