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Crazy Airport Games

Air traffic control is a huge responsibility. He eyes the pilot on the ground, and coordinates the action, telling the direction and situation on the runway. Want to try yourself in such a serious role? Then it's time to open the free airport crazy airport games to start playing and show how accurately you will cope with the task. Every plane at the airport should have time to pay attention. Send flights to your lane, give permission to take off, and allow other aircraft to land, informing them of the number of the free lane. They become too much, and you can get confused.
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Games Crazy Airport: Airport Dispatcher

Crazy Airport Games Online Series of the game Mad Airport has become very popular and popular among fans of aircraft. The essence of each is that you occupy the position of air traffic controller, and coordinate the aircraft during their flight.

Work you got a responsible, difficult. It is necessary to give the wrong command to the pilot, and an accident will occur. Everyone hopes for your professionalism and exactly follows the instructions given. Aircraft circling over the airfield, requesting permission to land. Other steel birds are ready to fly, but they also need your permission. You not only give the green light to take off, but have the right to delay the flight, if the situation requires.

Your main word is

You command a parade, conduct an orchestra of airplanes. At your word, they take off, sit down or circle in the sky, until a new team arrives.
Runways intersect in different directions, and the higher the game level, the more difficult it becomes to keep under control a pack of planes. If you make a mistake, and at the same time direct pilots along the lanes that adjoin at a certain point, this will certainly lead to an accident.

Crazy Airport Games Online Gradually, the runways will become larger, as the aircraft themselves. Keep your finger on the pulse when you play the Airport Mad games to play for free, and turn into a true ass.
Aircraft arrive and depart in different directions. By clicking on the steel birdie, you will see a number of actions available:

  • Allow landing
  • Allow the takeoff
  • Send to the circle right or left
  • Prohibit landing or takeoff

To avoid a collision, you must carefully monitor the events and remember all the commands given. As long as you have one lane, you can easily do the job. Even when two lanes appear, even in this situation there are no particular complications. But get together, giving the command to the pilots when there are three or more tracks in front of you. The difficulty lies in the fact that they are not located in parallel, but in completely different directions, can touch each other edges or run across each other in the middle.

Game Features

Crazy Airport Games Online As for management, you have only one working computer mouse tool. This is a magic wand that turns you into an airspace caster, an aircraft master and a safe landing sorcerer. The better you own your magic, the safer the airport, and the more substantial the currency account. The fact is that a successful landing or takeoff brings you points that are converted into money in this toy. They increase when making the right moves, but decrease if you allow accidents.

Having decided to play Crazy Airport to play online, you will see that the fun has several sequels. Each has its own special moments, although it is impossible to say that they differ radically. In games, you fly different planes from light to jet, although the main stream is made up of passenger arrivals from different countries and cities. This must be taken into account, because each has a certain set of characteristics, develops a different speed, has its own maneuverability and the strength of acceleration.

In addition to the airfield's tracks,

V of the fourth series propose to land planes on aircraft carriers of different caliber, which is a completely different level of complexity.
Airport simulators look very attractive and require logical actions, and such factors give realism:

  • Several different airports
  • Natural behavior of aircraft
  • A variety of airspace
  • Sound communication with pilots
  • Change of weather conditions
  • The alternation of day and night hours
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