Games Back to the past

Games Back to the past

The dream of creating a time machine has finally come true. Start playing free online games Back to the past to help the young scientist get through to the end. He used the find to move in the middle of the fifteenth century, when people had no idea about electricity and other benefits. The hero will have to get the lighting in the new conditions, reinventing the electric current. Other inventions are waiting for him, but one must always be extremely careful not to catch the eye of the locals. Remember that in those days such experiments were equated with witchcraft, which were punished with execution.
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Games Back to the past: traveling in time

Backstroke Games Online This category is intended for irresistible travelers who cannot stay at home for a long time. They like the anticipation of exploring new countries, continents, cities or at least interesting places in their city. With friends, such pilgrims traveled half the world, climbing the highest mountains, descending into deep caves, admiring the beauty of the seabed. But even they have no access to the exotic view of traveling through time, which the Back to the past games offer.

Back to the past

Meet the young but very talented scientist Bill Robinson, who stirred the scientific world with his invention. His talent spawned a unique apparatus, over whose creation the old and experienced minds of the civilized world had been beating for many decades. But then a young nugget appeared, and playfully invented the design of the machine, which can really move in time.

Externally, it does not look like the sophisticated technique that it is often represented. This is more like a huge safe or heat-resistant cabinet connected to the power supply. Running the first part of the game Back to the past, for the first time you will experience the work of the machine miracle on the inventor himself. He gladly became a volunteer who will go deep into history to see how different is modern life from medieval life.

Backstroke Games Online Even without having collected the luggage, Bill boldly enters the time machine, and the spider presses the lever, sending the hero to the XV century. Once in place, he was horrified to realize that he could not go back, because in this century electricity has not yet been invented.

If he had not been so brilliant, he would have immediately become confused and fell into despair, but after his first fright, Billy realized that not everything was lost, and you can reinvent electricity yourself. We just need to find the necessary things to build a lightning conductor, and wait for the thunderstorm.

  • Wander through the territory of the game Back to the past
  • Select items
  • Communicate with the Characters
  • Perform their instructions
  • Assemble the lightning rod
  • Complete mission with safe return home

You will meet with various heroes, including citizens, priests, and the king himself. Everyone has a special conversation for you, after which a new task appears in the list of upcoming cases. Each requires a special approach, and shook the kingdom, too, to be a lot.

Billy will wander between the barn, the castle, the cemetery and the well, each time collecting new artifacts, trying to find use for them. Periodically, he can check the list of assigned cases, so as not to forget any details.
After all the ordeals in the medieval world, Billy finally collected the necessary things for the jump back home, and hurries to his time machine. Let him have to run, but he is happy that he could get such an invaluable experience.

Backstroke Games Online He returns safely home, but the first sortie did not become the last, but only marked the beginning of a grandiose adventure. Now the hero will become an avid traveler, and he is waiting for new adventures.

Time not so far

If you had such a wonderful car, you would want to go back a few years to correct your own mistake or punish those who hurt you badly. The plot of the next game Back to the past will take you to the 90s at the time when Billy was very young and had problems with his peers.

By setting up the scoreboard for the desired period, he was again in time when the dawn of nightclubs, slot machines, screaming clothes began. Go through the plot of the game Back to the past, and you will find out what the young scientist was able to achieve by returning to the turbulent times of his growing up.

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