Cobra Squad games

Cobra Squad games

Play the free online Cobra Squad games will appeal to those users who dream of becoming military commanders, and take command of the best fighters from different departments. Create a tactical top-secret team of soldiers. Complete missions and stop armies. To protect warehouses and military bases. Destroy the enemy in any terrain. Strengthen your own unit best snipers, mortars and sappers. Train, equip and arm the fighters, creating an invincible vanguard of regular troops from them. And all this is absolutely free.
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Cobra Squad games: All for the victory

Cobra Squad games will make from any player a commander of a top-secret combat unit capable of holding a small number of fighters to contain an entire enemy army. How successful the operations will be depends solely on the wisdom of command and military tactics. Providing fighters with weapons and equipment will also play a significant role.

In each country there are secret rapid reaction teams. They include the best fighters. Such units, under the strict command of a professional, are able to perform the most difficult tasks, sometimes they cope with whole armadas of the enemy, not allowing a large-scale war. Such agents are collected in the division of the game Team Cobra. The task of the detachment is to keep the enemy offensive, completely destroying all his soldiers, and sometimes heavy armored vehicles.

Initially, a player gets five fighters with different skills, owning different weapons:

  • Pistol ideal in melee against infantry;
  • Ognemet strikes the enemy from a distance, is able to fight artillery;
  • Shotgun copes with groups of soldiers;
  • Minometer weapons destroying armored vehicles;
  • Saper, his work is clear, he gives time and sifts the enemy's ranks on the approaches.

Cobra Squad games online A total of seven games of this series have been released, each part has its own missions and an initial set of fighters. Who strengthens the squad depends on the tactics of the commander.

All parts of the Cobra Squad games online do not need to be installed on a computer, one click of the mouse button will launch any version of the game in a few seconds. To strengthen the team with new fighters, to buy equipment and deadly weapons can only be for game currency, real money can not be spent, even with a great desire.

Tactical Cobra Squad games

Each version starts with pre history and training. Authors introduce players to the main menu functions and control panels. Next, users should carefully examine each soldier of the detachment entrusted to them, its endurance and weapons. The next step, to study the terrain on which you will have to fight, the lives of the fighters depend on all these nuances. Cobra Squad games online

Having learned all the details, the player is completely transferred to the thinking through tactics. How to arrange the fighters to block all possible paths of the offensive, making the defense as effective as possible. From where the enemy will attack is unknown, the number and number of troops is not clear, the intelligence did not inform.

Cobra Squad games online In the continuation of the first part of the game released six more versions. Each subsequent consists of new missions that are more difficult than the previous ones. Becoming a great commander immediately fails, starting with the first part, gaining combat experience, the players to the latest version will become real generals, leading to the success of the best soldiers.

The tasks set before the squadron will be very different, to keep the defense in open areas, to protect the military base with developments under the “Secret” heading from the enemy. Do not allow the enemy to armories. Each part consists of nine missions, it has five tasks.

Play in all parts of the games Cobra Squad for free can be quite a long time. Some tasks from the first time will not work, so users should not forget to continue after each victory. The dead are not returned, and the replenishment is expensive. Each mission brings a good income, but it is better to spend it on strengthening, medicines and weapons, and not on compensating for losses.

In all parts there is good graphics quality, during the battle the battlefield is quite realistic covered with blood stains, and during explosions you can also see severed limbs.

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