Soldiers games online

Soldiers games online

Many boys, for that matter, and adult men, dreaming of becoming a general, but to become a commander, first you need to try on the role of a soldier. It is not necessary to expose themselves to mortal danger, you can simply start playing free games Soldiers. They will fully experience the vicissitudes of war, in which you can hone your skills of military strategy and tactics, and of course to become a true hero. Fought on the front will turn completely free and online. In games, there is a very different weapons, both existing and fictional, heavy artillery and even aircraft.
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Games soldiers: entertainment for real military

Soldiers games online Soldiers games online In this heading there is no place for different tenderness and romance there. Here soldiers are collected online games, and even heard the bullets whistling, and the shells are torn. If you are a general at heart, take command of an army of brave soldiers, and go to war. Each game is a hot spot, and to win the battle, you need to complete a series of dangerous missions.
Opening the game about soldiers, you show real courage, and deserve the title of commander. You have options:

  • To remain a lonely warrior, and to receive all glory alone in case of victory, or to sprinkle ashes on his head, if he was defeated
  • Invite a friend to play as a couple, choosing a course of action with a partner or becoming opponents
  • Make a bet on the realism of events
  • Select a direction with a fabulous bias

Fantastic Wars

Since we are in the virtual world, even such a serious matter as war, we can make a little more pleasant if we bring in a bit of fiction and humor.
Games Worms famous Worms; Hogs of Wars with fighting pigs; Hedgewars, where the main characters are hedgehogs; WarMUX with a whole zoo of characters, these are just a few options when martial skill causes more smile. Heroes use unconventional weapons as effectively as machine guns and rocket launchers. Even a kerosene lamp can damage the enemy if used correctly.
The battle unfolds between humans and aliens, and the insurgent zombies do not give rest, which you can get rid of only by mobilizing an army of the best soldiers. Fight to be different weapons, among which are laser guns, disintegrators and plasma swords.
Space is open for combat missions, and taking command of a powerful ship, patrol the territory. If an alien shuttle is spotted, deal with it without warning, selecting useful items and resources.
All games soldiers of the game are free of charge presented for permanent access to them at any time. Outstanding free time? Open the heading and vending game in order to start vendetta.

Soldier Weekdays

Soldiers games online Soldiers games online Warrior bird forced, forced to follow the orders of the commander. Fate can throw you in any corner of the earth, and in difficult conditions you need to complete the tasks. Sometimes you are thrown into the desert, where the sand is clogged in all the cracks, incapacitate the weapon, and the equipment there will not pass even a meter. But even in such a situation, the mission must be completed.
Other games military soldiers will send you to the permafrost conditions, where only the most viable bacteria can hardly survive. Gasoline and engine oil freezes quickly, and you risk becoming an icicle. The only way to constantly stay in motion, and approach the goal as quickly as possible.
The jungle is another inhospitable place where mosquitoes are full of poisonous snakes and predatory animals. But you need to evacuate citizens, cover the base of terrorists, and clean up the territory. Games for boys, soldiers, of course, awaken in young men excitement. Virtual war can make anyone a hero, even a man who can never be wrung from the floor. Here it does not matter, and the situation, no matter how tense it is, will not be life threatening.
Being at the computer, the boys satisfy their interest in weapons, shooting and war in general, while remaining safe. Here you can fight with crowds of enemies of natural origin, fantastic monsters, aliens, defending their territories and rights.

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