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Heroestick games

Playing Heroestick games for free can not help but like if you are a fan of military strategies. A special adventure awaits you in a world where wars are fought between neighboring tribes, and the characters look like they are ghosts, not people. Hire workers and soldiers for everyone to do their job. While some are earning gold and provisions for you, others are waving batons, axes, swords and bows, trying to reach the enemy and seize his castle. Hire more characters, expose the most ferocious warriors in front, develop their skills, and resolutely go to the long-awaited victory.
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Heroestick games: Epic Fights

Heroestick games online Heroestick games can not be called colorful and bright. But if you are a fan of military strategies, like to keep events under control, strive to transcend and win, in this category you will be comfortable.

Before you painted heroes in their primitive form. You find yourself at the dawn of civilizations, when each defended its rights to the land and its resources, tried to prevent its neighbors from developing so that they would not become powerful, and therefore invincible.

In this series of fun you will find yourself in a similar situation, and will try to break into the leaders, leaving the enemy behind. Of course, you cannot influence the progress of the enemy's improvement, but personal success is completely in your hands.

  • Elect the army
  • Good on the enemy
  • Improve your talents
  • Get new abilities
  • Capture other people's locks

First steps

Heroestick games online To attract soldiers and arm them, you need money and resources. It is the prey of these components that the first stickers you hire will take care of. They diligently plow up deposits of gold and collect hemp (if anything grows there at the foot of their castle), so that you have enough money in your bins to hire real warriors.

In the menu, select the soldier you want to hire, and he will come out of the castle, armed with a bow, sword, or other weapon. To hire a similar one, you need to wait until the icon reboots or when you have enough money.

Before you army, consisting of angular, transparent soldiers, more reminiscent of the army from the other world. But since we are playing Sticky Heroes, it’s hard to expect a special fatness from the characters. This makes the characters special, recognizable, charismatic, and playing with them is very interesting.

Tropic of War

As soon as the first few soldiers appeared on the road, they immediately go forward, where they meet enemy forces. It turns out that the enemy has everything in the same way, he extracts gold, picks himself in the ground, hires an army, improves its characteristics. Since you are in the same positions, it depends only on your actions who first reaches a new level of development, will receive additional abilities and weapons.

Having more advanced equipment, it is easier to smash an army of others and capture the castle. When the enemy castle is besieged and captured, the battle can be considered complete, and therefore it is the main goal at each game stage.

At the beginning of the game Stickers heroes players can choose from two modes:

  • History here you go along the storyline, fulfilling a certain mission with specific requirements.
  • Arkada has no specific tasks, and here the war is for the sake of war.

Heroestick games online This mode is ideal for training, or if you are interested in a quick fight. During the game, Sticky Heroes you do not have an infinite supply of resources, and therefore you need to count strength and try to achieve victory as soon as possible. If you put stronger units ahead, they will clear the way for the weaker ones. In the lower menu you will see all the data related to the gameplay, and you can adjust the required number of soldiers in order to effectively push the enemy on his lands.

When the next battle is over, before you go to the next level, take care of improving the characteristics. This will require previously earned bonuses, but you can’t do without it if you want to surpass the enemy.

The mouse and the keys are involved in the control. With the mouse, you select the combat units in the menu, and the keys 1-6 and the arrows, as well as QWERTYAD, perform basic manipulations, such as movement and release of troops.

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