Ultimate army games

Ultimate army games

Boys like to measure themselves and boast of toys - who has a steeper automatic. Understand how cool you are, whether you know how to fight off numerous enemies, will show online Ultimate army games. You can play them free of charge, not simply repelling the enemy's attacks, but by seizing his strategic facilities, pushing him from his territory, strengthening his own army. If your tactic is correct, you will win round after round until you have passed all the series of the selection. For convenience, the troops are painted in different colors, and when the target is captured, you will immediately know about it. It's time to fight and win!
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Ultimate army games: Survival Strategy

The next game series will lead the young men to a virtual war. Ultimate army games, this is an opportunity to develop successful tactics, and apply it in action, protecting your own lands from the invasion of enemies. When the land is replete with useful resources needed by a person for a comfortable life, there will definitely be a dysfunctional neighbor who wants to take away these benefits. If you are unlucky and your borders are in contact with the barbarians, this is a big problem. And if it’s not so lucky, you have to strengthen your own army, produce powerful weapons, and defend with all your might. Ultimate army games online

The beginning of the fighting

The authors of the Ultimate army games relied on the script, but certainly not on the brightness and entertainment. On the screen you will see your army, which is indicated in blue, and the enemy in red, yellow, green and purple. Initially, there is always reconnaissance in force, so the troops of only one enemy stand against you. The meaning of the gameplay is to seize enemy objects, sending their soldiers there.

When the building is captured, it changes color to whose army it occupied:

  • Distribute forces to repel an attack from different sides
  • Capture buildings
  • Hire more soldiers

To win it is necessary that your troops surpass the enemy. To do this, you need to try to occupy the enemy base, which allows you to hire new combat units.

We strengthen our positions

In the beginning, your forces and the forces of the enemy are equal, and only a successful tactic will allow you to break out into winners. For each successful mission, the player accrues currency, without which not to win the war. The money purchased supplies, equipment and improved weapons. Soon you will need more lethal weapons to hold positions and push the enemy from their lands.

How to occupy the building? Click on it with the mouse, and your soldiers will go there. Since they have to fight with the enemy army, which is inside, the number of attacking troops should be superior. Do not forget that the aggressor will want to take back the structure he has been repulsed from, because this is a strategic object, and he will direct new forces there. With this in mind, constantly maintain enough warriors at this point, as well as capture new ones. The more buildings you manage to occupy, the more soldiers you can hire, and this is the surest way to victory. Ultimate army games online

Ultimate army games onlineAll on this principle all series of the Ultimate army game are built. The first levels are simpler, then the tasks become more complicated, since the enemy turns to his allies for help, and now two, three, and even four armies of aliens stand against you. It is almost impossible to repel an attack from all sides, but it only seems so. Grab first those buildings that have fewer soldiers, and now you can hire more of your own. Your army has grown, and it is time to capture other bases, and then more and more, until there is not a single enemy element left on the field.

Ultimate army games look simple, but this can be considered a highlight of the project. To play them is really pleasant and interesting, even hazardous. It requires a good concentration to keep the situation under control, to react to its constant change, to take appropriate measures. Show yourself a competent commander, and the victory will be yours. The soldiers are already lined up on the field, and are waiting for your instructions. They are ready to fight for their land to the last, to the bitter end, and no one will stop them half way.

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